Agility Recovery Boosts Outbound 4X with Predictable Revenue


Agility Recovery provides onsite disaster recovery solutions for natural and manmade disasters.

“Before we implemented Predictable Revenue’s software platform, only 4% of the demo’s SDRs passed turned into closed won revenue – now after 6 months, 22% of closed won revenue comes from SDRs; this blew away our expectations.  We’re now up to 7 SDRs from 3 and will probably be at 10 by end of Q1.

Before transforming our entire lead gen/qualifying process with their platform, AEs couldn’t have cared less about the leads SDRs passed them. Now sales managers are coming to the sales development team begging for more.”

 – Ryan Donohue, Director of Sales Development

Meetings Booked In Month 5


Increase In Pipeline From Outbound


Increase in Demos Executed

Agility Recovery provides onsite disaster recovery solutions (oce space, power, communication, computer systems, etc.) for natural and manmade disasters. Internally, they had a small disaster that needed to be solved…

Director of Sales Development, Ryan Donohue, couldn’t help but notice that the quality of leads sent over by sales development reps was so poor that AEs ignored them entirely; instead spending 70% of their time prospecting and only 30% of their time closing deals. Ryan needed to figure out a way to reverse these numbers so their AEs’ could focus on selling instead of prospecting.

After reading “Predictable Revenue”, Agility brought in Aaron Ross as a consultant to solve their outbound problem. Following the Predictable Revenue model, Aaron’s consultation outlined everything required for better results: an Ideal Customer Profile, email templates, engaging messages, proper tests, and metrics tracking in Salesforce… To implement and scale their campaign, Agility ran their outbound program on Predictable Revenue’s outbound sales platform.

“after six months, 22% of closed revenue comes from SDRs; this blew out our expectations.”

Ryan Donohue, Director of Sales Development

“What I like about their software is that it takes care of everything you need to apply the Predictable Revenue business model. With other tools we looked at, you have to come up with templates, find the right contacts to email and do a lot of the prep work on your own. With the software, we gave them our Ideal Customer Profile and they developed the templates so we didn’t have to guess what works best. It takes out so much of the admin work so the team and I can focus on how we handle conversations with our prospects, which helps us create more SQL’s for our AE’s.”

– Ryan Donohue, Director of Sales Development

Predictable Revenue Consulting, in combination with their outbound platform, streamlined the sales process so that Agility began to see results within two weeks after implementation. Ryan noted that “What we were able to learn in a short time quickly scaled our growth”. With the Predictable Revenue model in place, Ryan’s team is now able to consistently generate Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQL’s). 

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