Cost Certified’s new outbound team 10x their “demo booked” after working with our sales coaches

Cost Certified’s new outbound team 10x their “demo booked” after working with our sales coaches

As Chief Operating Officer at Cost Certified, Lewis Cowie was used to wearing a lot of different hats. The company was rapidly outgrowing its early-stage marketing plan, and as their cost-per-demo climbed, they began looking at another way to scale.

After reading the Predictable Revenue book, Lewis began to look at building an outbound sales team. With limited time available, he turned to Predictable Revenue’s consulting services to help
establish a sales development team for Cost Certified.

“I didn’t want to recreate the wheel,” Lewis says. Instead, he reached out to Predictable Revenue to ensure he had a solid playbook and didn’t waste time making errors that could be avoided.

Before Predictable Revenue

Before working with Predictable Revenue, Cost Certified was struggling to increase growth predictably. Unfortunately, inbound marketing can lead to a plateau in lead generation. As a new company, they hadn’t had time to develop enough quality content yet and were mostly focused on pushing commercialization.

The Problem

The primary problem at Cost Certified was that sales had stagnated. They’d reached an expensive cost-per-demo, and without a new strategy, it was difficult to scale. Although Lewis saw the potential in building an outbound team, he didn’t have the time or expertise to build one himself. “Hiring 30 people in six months takes a lot of time.”

The company’s first attempt at improving its sales development strategy lacked focus. They tried testing with lists but didn’t have strong systems behind the process. Lewis knew it was time to invest in outside help.

Cost Certified had tried hiring an outbound service in the past, but the quality of leads was poor, and this time they needed consultants they could trust. After reading the book, Lewis knew Predictable Revenue had a solid system. He decided the most cost-efficient solution was to build an in-house team with help from our consultants.

Our Solution

Because Cost Certified’s goal was to get a team hired and trained as quickly as possible, Lewis chose our Outbound Success – Plus Consulting Services. We helped Cost Certified establish systems to build a solid, scalable foundation for sales development.

“It was generally a really good experience.”

Aside from laying those foundations, our coaching team provided feedback, tech stack recommendations, and helped set up outreach. We also provided additional support for troubleshooting and questions as they came up. “They definitely went above and beyond and helped us set systems up outside of the playbook.”

“The pace and meetings ended up working really well for where we were at…We got everything done in record time.”

The Result

Lewis decided to test their newly established system by having his AEs perform SDR work. With just an hour and a half of calling, most AEs were booking at least two or three meetings a day with a 3-4% conversion rate.

Lewis is confident they can train SDRs to have the same success and has already begun the hiring process. “My expectation is that eventually, they should be better than their AEs.”

Cost Certified’s “demos booked” have gone up by almost 10x, and they have cut their marketing budget by 70%.

“With inbound marketing alone, we were booking around 4-6 demo’s a day. We are now booking as many as 40 demos per day. In addition, we have had to promote 2 SDRs to AE’s within their first month because our current AE’s are completely overbooked.

We also created a framework for multichannel sequences based on Cost Certified’s customer pain points, outcomes, and stories. Our team refined their existing sequence and created a new sequence to A/B test that resulted in a 70% open rate.


Lewis Cowie and the Cost Certified team understood the value of the Predictable Revenue model, but they were stuck on execution. With the help of our Outbound Success – Plus Consulting Services, the company was able to build its own outbound system and processes.

Working with our expert coaches, Cost Certified was able to drastically reduce their cost per demo. We refined their existing sequences and built new ones, along with an effective script to convert more cold calls into meetings.

Lewis was busy driving revenue and sales, and managing his direct reports. The last thing he had time for was to build an outbound sales team from scratch. With guidance from Predictable Revenue, he was able to get a team up and running, establish best practices, and lay the foundations of a successful and scalable outbound team.


demos booked

promoted 2 SDRs to AE’s within their first month

70% open rate

in new sales sequence

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