Collaborative Success with Predictable Revenue and Breakthrough

Collaborative Success with Predictable Revenue and Breakthrough


This case study explores the successful partnership between Predictable Revenue and Breakthrough, focusing on their journey from initial engagement to fruitful partnership. Key insights are drawn from a conversation involving Erin Blaha, Senior Director of Marketing at Breakthrough, and Collin Stewart, Founder & CEO of Predictable Revenue.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Predictable Revenue, Breakthrough managed new business development internally, without a specialized sales development representative (SDR) function. Their sales team handled end-to-end sales cycles, which, while effective, posed challenges in scaling lead generation and top-of-funnel activities. 

“The experience of our Account Executives has been great. In the beginning we were hesitant because we don’t have internal SDRs and we were worried about how they were going to explain what our product is,” says Blaha.

Handing over the outbound responsibilities to a new crew seemed risky. The breakthrough team had honed their internal processes, refined messaging, and could easily answer questions about how their software worked.  Could an external team get up to speed fast enough? Could they connect with the right buyers? And could they fit into our well-established processes? In short, yes, we could.

“The meetings are high quality, good-fit opportunities. It makes us feel confident that something is always coming in – even if website leads or other sources are a little slower, we know we’ll have a handful of quality meetings from the Predictable Revenue team. Every Friday, we pull a list of opportunities, and it makes my team and me confident that something’s always happening.”

The Solution

Breakthrough’s engagement with Predictable Revenue began mid-fiscal year, introduced by their new president with prior experience with our methodologies. The objective was to boost top-of-the-funnel lead generation, complementing the internal sales team’s efforts with external cold calling and prospecting expertise.

Onboarding and Implementation

The onboarding process with Predictable Revenue was efficient and well-organized. The Breakthrough team equipped Predictable Revenue with a wealth of resources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their innovative product – Fuel Recovery. Their solution is making a significant impact in the transportation industry and Predictable Revenue’s MarketFit process helped both teams clarify the nuance required to build the target lists, build the messaging, and create the cold call scripts.

“The focus on messaging has been the biggest thing. The Predictable Revenue team found that being really direct and concise, with a focus on the benefits has worked the best,” says Blaha.  


The partnership yielded tangible results:

– Multiple closed won deals.
– Notable increase in active sales pipeline.
– 101 meetings booked.

While the quantity of leads was slightly lower than initial KPIs, the quality of meetings and prospects was high, aligning with Breakthrough’s focus on quality over quantity.

“This has had a positive impact on our pipeline. The quality of the meetings we are getting are really high,” says Blaha. “It’s a no-brainer to keep the engagement going.”

Impact on Breakthrough

For Erin Blaha, the partnership provided a reliable stream of leads and a sense of confidence in ongoing lead-generation efforts. The Predictable Revenue team’s consistent work meant that even during slower periods for other lead generation channels, quality leads were being funneled to their sales team.

Experience with Predictable Revenue’s Team

Breakthrough’s interactions with Predictable Revenue were overwhelmingly positive. Despite initial hesitations, the sales team found value in the additional opportunities provided. Predictable Revenue’s willingness to adjust and refine strategies, particularly in messaging, played a key role in overcoming initial challenges.

Advice for Potential Clients

Erin Blaha advises future clients of Predictable Revenue to:

– Plan for smooth integration into current operations.
– Provide comprehensive onboarding materials.
– Be open to different approaches in sales and lead generation processes.


The partnership between Predictable Revenue and Breakthrough illustrates the power of strategic collaboration and adaptability in lead generation. By effectively complementing Breakthrough’s internal efforts, Predictable Revenue demonstrated its capability to enhance lead generation, streamline the sales process, and contribute significantly to the client’s growth trajectory.

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