Reach prospects at the right time with AI inferred intent

Why rely on the same intent data your competitors are buying when you can create your own?

How we generate our own AI inferred intent

Our combination of 50+ data sources, multi-step enrichment process, and some secret sauce around prompt engineering help us turn data into AI inferred intent at scale. 

Why your own intent data?

How successful do you think your sales team will be if they’re prioritizing their outreach using the same intent data that your competitors and every other vendor in the space are using?

We build a system based on the signals that you’ve seen make an account more likely to be ready to buy now and use that to prioritize your sales teams outreach.

Some fun plays we've ran with AI inferred intent

Real time job change

It takes 3 months for a data vendor to publish a job change alert. Ours happen in real time.

Champion Movement

Create watch lists for your top champions and be notified as soon as they’re on the move.


Infer an organization’s top priorities based on one or more recent job postings.

Org Chart

Infer an organization’s priorities based on numbers or growth of a title or department.

Social Activity

Monitor for keywords in social posts, PR newswires, or blog posts that indicate priorities.


Complete a google search for keywords on prospects site that indicate priorities.

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