How we helped our coaching client recruit and hire an Outbound Sales team of 8

How we helped our coaching client recruit and hire an Outbound Sales team of 8

The Director of Market Development at a global leader in information technology (IT) solutions reached out to Predictable Revenue to help put together an outbound playbook and establish strong sales techniques.

Before Predictable Revenue

Before working with Predictable Revenue, the Director of Market Development was managing a partial team but was still entrenched in the hiring and onboarding process. Although the Director had plenty of experience cold calling and motivating salespeople, they lacked the tactical knowledge of managing an outbound team and so began to look for outside help.

This company had worked closely with Predictable Revenue during their pilot, and when it came time to build an outbound function, they knew Predictable Revenue was the right choice.

The Problem

The company’s main issue was hiring and training the right people to sell their services. The Director’s main priority was to get outreach up and running, but with many salespeople coming from a background in selling software products, they had to be trained to sell services and learn a different approach.

Instead of focusing on the number of cold calls, the Director wanted his team to understand the importance of research and relationship building. Since the company’s services typically span multiple-year contracts, that translates to a much more customized form of outreach than typical mass mailing.

“I didn’t go in with huge expectations other than getting a playbook documented, but the journey to get there definitely exceeded my expectations.”

“The coaching helped me understand a new way to write emails and it really opened my eyes.”

Our Solution

Our outbound coaches helped the Director recruit a team of more than eight people and train them on a hyper-personalized outbound approach, using tools such as Navigator, ZoomInfo and CrystalKnows.

One target area was deep research training. Through weekly meetings and workshops, our coaches taught the team how to craft highly customized messages based on a prospect’s social media posts, podcast appearances and personal network.

Each person wrote emails and had their messaging critiqued by the coaches. They also participated in mock phone calls to prepare them for successful outreach. Throughout the process, our coaches stayed in touch via calls and Whatsapp, sending recommendations and top-of-mind information.

The Result

With the hands-on support of our coaches, the Director was able to recruit and onboard a team of eight within two and half months.

They have now begun implementing the outreach strategy that our coaches helped develop and look forward to seeing the results of their deep research approach.

They have already seen progress with more junior salespeople gaining confidence on cold calls.


The Director of Market Development initially reached out to Predictable Revenue for help creating an outbound playbook but was pleasantly surprised by how involved our coaches were in the process of hiring and training their team.

With strong foundations established, their outbound function will only continue to grow. They are looking forward to hiring their next group of sales reps this spring.

Recruited & onboarded

a team of eight

within two and half months

sales playbook

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