The Predictable Revenue


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Methodology developed after working with

1000+ companies

This formula is a way of measuring sales efficiency

It is designed as a method for understanding all the components required to scale a revenue team and how they can impact results. The hope is that it will help companies see the big picture and how everything fits together so that they have the confidence to push through when they inevitably run into roadblocks. The higher the score, the more predictable and consistent revenue generation efforts will be. 

𝑓𝗑 = product-market fit((consistent top of funnel)(relentless follow through)(table stakes))

Product-Market Fit

Market Fit

The market you are targeting and why. 

Must be supported by data demonstrating your target market demand based on the solution you are providing.

Funnel Math

The assumptions and KPIs that drive your investment strategy.

Identifying your go-to-market plan and outcomes needed to be successful.  

Consistent Top of Funnel


The process for determining if your go-to-market strategy was accurate by executing outbound campaigns

  • Create core-processes for each step of the outbound sales funnel.
  • Monitor campaign results to ensure assumptions are validated.

The plan has been validated, now it’s time to scale!

Make sure your incentives, including compensation, align with organizational and departmental goals to best replicate results across a larger team.

Relentless Follow Through


The strategy for nurturing prospects and accounts.

For all opportunities that are active, where the account is not in buying-mode, it is crucial to be adequately nurturing these conversations until completion.


The combination between operations and enablement.

Having the most effective tools (tech stack) for your team while maintaining data integrity through all marketing and sale funnels. 


Setting your team up for success with the right people manager.

Ensuring clear expectations around areas of opportunity while leveraging your teams strengths to yield the greatest results.

Table Stakes

Table Stakes

Table stakes are the final categorical requirement for predictable revenue. Table stakes are the basics you need to have in place before you can begin to build an outbound machine. Table stakes and product/market fit are arguably interchangeable when it comes to their position in this formula, and are equally vital when it comes to predicting outbound success - predictable revenue is impossible without either. 

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