FormPiper goes from 30 to 48 demos booked per month with Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Success Plus Coaching

FormPiper goes from 30 to 48 demos booked per month with Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Success Plus Coaching

Brad Parker is the Co-Founder of FormPiper, a software company that helps retailers automate customer financing. Brad and his team launched their sales development rep (SDR) program with help from Predictable Revenue’s coaching service, and after seeing such great success, they decided to move forward with fully managed SDR pods.

Before Predictable Revenue

Before working with Predictable Revenue, FormPiper’s outbound team consisted of two account executives (AEs). Brad decided to seek outside help in building out FormPiper’s SDR program. “I decided to go with Predictable Revenue so I could work with the best when it comes to building SDR teams,” Brad explains.

The Problem

With a background in retail, Brad was new to the SDR business model and didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. FormPiper was growing quickly and the best way to launch a successful SDR program was to seek expert guidance. They wanted to begin hiring SDRs, but didn’t have the necessary structure and systems in place to ensure the new SDRs would be successful.

Our Solution

Our Outbound Success Plus coaching service was the best fit to help Brad build FormPiper’s SDR program. This service included management advice on how to build internal sales development functions, as well as coaching to ensure reps are achieving their full potential. Our team met with FormPiper for weekly coaching sessions, strategy development, and management updates.

Brad hired three SDRs and we worked one-on-one with each rep to review their progress each week and ramp them up. Our coaches also worked offline, researching and prepping to build out FormPiper’s new playbook.

Our team built out more than five sequences for FormPiper, including some cold outbound and some “mid-bound” for live events and webinar attendees. We helped them stay organized and coached them through how to know when to keep going and when to give up.

We also built a call flow and practiced role plays with SDRs. During role plays, we shifted the focus from booking a demo to digging for pain points. This technique resulted in a much higher show rate. Implementing our tech stack recommendations (namely, Chilipiper) also improved the show rate.

Our coaching team created an SDR playbook complete with foundations, sequences and messaging, call maps, resources for objection handling, and more. Having this playbook established with solid processes in place will make it easier for FormPiper to scale its SDR program as the company grows.

The Result

We started with coaching about six months ago and have seen nothing but success,” Brad says. After implementing the playbook from Predictable Revenue, the SDR team has had immense success with cold calling. “Our SDRs book on average 30 plus demos per month. The weekly meeting and support we received to build out all of our playbooks was fantastic.”

FormPiper’s newest SDR hire was making calls in three days, ramped in under a month, and became a top performer in under two months in terms of show rate and demos booked.
In their second month, the new SDR booked 48 demos with a 58% show rate, up from the previous average of 30 demos per month. Brad attributes this success to the strong habits established in FormPiper’s new playbook.


Our team provided support and accountability to help FormPiper grow its SDR program and establish strong foundations. The playbook built by our coaching team has improved their cold call process and allowed for quick training of new SDRs. These strong foundations have helped FormPiper’s SDRs hit and exceed their targets.

Brad wanted to throw fuel on the fire without worrying about management, overhead, or office space. He decided the best way to ensure FormPiper’s growth was to move forward with fully managed SDR services. In the future, Predictable Revenue will handle FormPiper’s prospecting in the hopes of converting all of their SDRs into AEs.

Outsourcing with Predictable Revenue’s SDR Pods has also freed up time for Brad to focus more on the AE and CSM departments of the business. “We look forward to seeing what will happen now that Predictable Revenue is handling the entire process.”

demos booked from

30 to 48
per month

newest SDR

ramped in under a month &
making calls in three days

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