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All The Sales Goodness In a Single Page

Sales Development Methodology

Full guide designed to help companies build their go-to-market plan (The Principles), and then be able to execute it (The Playbook), aiming to achieve predictable revenue. 

Sales Development Email Templates That People Actually Respond To

40+ Sales Development Email Templates That People Actually Respond To

You don’t have to figure it out alone, whether you’restarting off as a sales representative, looking to improve your game or providing your team with expert advice, we have your back! 

Sales Development Email Templates That People Actually Respond To

Build a Repeatable Scalable Sales Culture from Scratch 

An actionable step by step sales playbook cheat sheet for your SaaS business! 

The Art of LinkedIn Prospecting

The best tips, templates and strategies from top industry leaders to learn how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile and prospecting efforts!

Selling Into Ever-Changing, Highly Regulated Industries

We’ve interviewed five sales experts in highly regulated spaces to learn their top 7 strategies to succeed.

The Ultimate Sales Guide to Kick-Start 2021

Take advantage of all the brilliant sales leaders and practitioners we’ve interviewed, and leverage the actionable tactics and strategies they’ve shared so you can have a strong 2021

Outbound Labs

We live and breathe outbound sales, which too often are driven by instincts and gut feeling. So we decided to use the scientific method to test the latest trends in outbound sales by running over 50 experiments, which led us to some pretty convincing, surprising, and even cool results.

Outbound Sales Learnings

Learn how to overcome the biggest challenges facing B2B sales teams today, ensure you’re leveraging opportunities, and learn from best practices from industry leaders.

We’ve divided our eBook series into 6 sales-relevant topics:

  • Part 1: Cold Email/ Cold Call
  • Part 2: Hiring & Training
  • Part 3: Sales Enablement
  • Part 4: Sales Process
  • Part 5: Account-Based/ Persona-Based
  • Part 6: Sales Operations

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