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The Ultimate Sales Guide to Kick-Start 2021

Take advantage of all the brilliant sales leaders and practitioners we’ve had on the show, and leverage the actionable tactics and strategies they’ve shared so you can start 2021 strong. 

The Ultimate Sales Guide to Kick-Start 2021

Actionable tactics & strategies by top industry leaders to apply in 2021. 

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Outbound Sales Learnings 

Learn how to overcome the biggest challenges facing B2B sales teams today, ensure you’re leveraging opportunities, and learn from best practices from industry leaders.

Cold Email – Cold Call

Let’s learn some useful techniques that really work and will help you grow in sales.

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Hiring & Training

Learn how to hire and onboard the best kind of salespeople and set them up for success.

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Sales Enablement

Dive into what great Sales Enablement should look like.


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Sales Process

Test, Iterate, and Scale: How to Evolve Your Sales Process.

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Account Based / Persona Based

Which one should you choose? Let’s learn more about these two.

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Sales Operations

Clarity, Scalability, and Predictability: The Three Keys to Effective Sales Operations.

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Outbound Labs 

We live and breathe outbound sales, which too often are driven by instincts and gut feeling. So we decided to use the scientific method to test the latest trends in outbound sales by running over 50 experiments, which led us to some pretty convincing, surprising, and even cool results.


We take a look into the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to email deliverability.

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Increasing Response Rates

How to increase response rates, and experiments with LinkedIn campaigns.

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