How Our SDR Pods Generated 2.1 Million in Pipeline

How Our SDR Pods Generated 2.1 Million in Pipeline

The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at a successful media company reached out to Predictable Revenue for help outsourcing their sales development function.

Before Predictable Revenue

Before engaging with Predictable Revenue, the company had no internal sales development rep (SDR) team.

They had established systems for selling their services but were looking to launch a new SaaS product. Their primary focus was breaking into the SaaS space without the hassle of recruiting, onboarding and training SDRs.

The Problem

The company had been successfully selling their services but was now looking to target a new market for their SaaS product.

The Director of Sales Enablement and Operations is responsible for ensuring alignment between sales and operations. The previous CRO had already reached out to Predictable Revenue, and the Director saw an opportunity to leverage Predictable Revenue’s experience to look for new prospect accounts.

Our Solution

Since the company wanted to avoid the time-consuming process of recruiting and onboarding, they decided to go the outsourced route with our SDR Pods, rather than build an internal team. The Director already had a list of accounts to target, so the team could get started right away.

The Result

Over the course of an 18-month engagement, our SDR Pods booked more than 120 meetings and generated over 2.1 million USD in pipeline.

“Both account managers were very easy to work with, very knowledgable, and very on top of their business. It’s been a very positive experience,” says the Director.

“Working with PR has been great. If I had any questions or concerns, the account manager was always very diligent in getting an answer, following up in a timely manner, and managing his team.”


Outsourcing the company’s SDR function has freed up the Director’s time and allowed them to focus on other areas for growth. The company has begun to hire internal SDRs, who will pick up where our pods left off and continue to fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities.


Meetings Booked

> 2.1 million USD


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