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How Pagely Reached Up to $20,000 in Recurring Revenue Per Month After Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Consultation

Learn how we’ve helped our outbound consultation client reach up to $20,000 in recurring revenue per month.

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How Health Catalyst Achieved $12.1 Million in Created Pipeline with Predictable Revenue

Learn how we’ve helped our outbound consultation client diversify the types of deals they were sourcing through outbound, and grow 40% in their pipeline.

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TEAM Software Acquires 7 New Qualified Opportunities in a Month During Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Success Coaching

Learn how we helped TEAM Software document a comprehensive sales playbook and increase their SQLs. 

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SaltyCloud Finds The Perfect Candidate With Predictable Revenue’s Hiring Service

Our SDR Hiring Service allowed SaltyCloud to focus on building the early infrastructure (tech, tools, and messaging) while we took care of finding the right candidate. 

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Cost Certified’s new outbound team 10x their “demo booked”

Our coaching team refined Cost Certified’s existing sequences and built new ones, along with an effective script to convert more cold calls into meetings.

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How Our SDR Pods Generated 2.1 Million in Pipeline

Over the course of an 18-month engagement, our SDR Pods booked more than 120 meetings and generated over 2.1 million USD in pipeline.

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Predictable Revenue helps Neo4j’s global inbound sales development team of 25 people pivot to outbound on a dime


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How we helped our coaching client recruit and hire an Outbound Sales team of 8

With strong foundations established in the outbound sales playbook, their outbound function will only continue to grow.

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Graphium Health ready to scale after Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Sales Consulting

Learn how we helped establish our client’s sales team structure, document their playbook, and monitor the right metrics for success.

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Global Leader in IT Build Their Outbound Function From The Ground Up

Our client has increased the number of cadenced emails and meetings, a success their manager credits to the structure our coaching helped establish.

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FormPiper goes from 30 to 48 demos booked per month with Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Success Plus Coaching

The playbook built by our sales coaching team has allowed for quick training of new SDRs.

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Video Testimonials

How Predictable Revenue Helped the Bregal Sagemount Portfolio Increase its Opportunities By 10x

10x jump in monthly booked meetings, and 43 enterprise opportunities, each valued a minimum of $250,000 per year.

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Process makes perfect: How Predictable Revenue helped Chronogolf establish and scale a robust outbound sales engine

It takes 3 – 4 months to really understand how this works if you do it right.

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Blink Carves Out a New Niche, and Wins 3 New Clients from an Outbound Consultation

3 closed-won customers and an estimated
$134,600.00 qualified sales pipeline
from one campaign alone

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How we helped build and stabilize Ordrslip’s outbound process – and bring in up to 20 meetings a month along the way

2-5 meetings per week over the last 2 months…

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How Laurentide Controls generated pipeline to cover the cost of the program in just 30 days

Laurentide has been able to build a pipeline that’s in and around 10-15x the actual cost of doing this exercise.

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Ryte Achieved 23% Revenue Growth from Outbound & 26% ASP Growth with Predictable Revenue’s Coaching Services

Ryte exceeded their goal with outbound activities contributing 20% of new customers.

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PR delivered on exactly what we requested, and more.

Sophie D'Souza

VP Optimization @ Spiralyze

Thanks to the Predictable Revenue coaches, we saw a better understanding of sales development on our team, improved prospecting tactics, and better responses from customers.

Jessica Arnold

SVP Business Development @ Health Catalyst

It’s all about people and the Predictable Revenue team has been fantastic.

Brad Parker

Co-Founder @ FormPiper

How Predictable Revenue Helped AMG Close More Than 100K in New Revenue in Just a Few Months

Nearly 100 handoffs and one $125,000 deal closed within the first few months.

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Video Case Study: How Zuus Supercharged their internal SDR team

In 6 months with our Accelerate Team, they’ve generated pipeline with some of the biggest brands in their space & closed multiple deals.

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Pharmacy Stars approaching          $1 Million with Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Services

As a result of the meetings that Predictable Revenue has booked, Pharmacy Stars has dozens of opportunities with proposals out

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How Acquia created an outbound engine to power them past $100M

How the team created the program from scratch, including hyper-tactical details on their funnels and results…

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How eDynamic Learning went from no-show calls to a 440% jump in opportunities

The number of opportunities created from outbound soared by 440%, and revenue from outbound jumped by 40%…

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Patience Pays: How Kemberton Survived Some Early Ups and Downs on the Road to Outbound Success with Predictable Revenue

Closed $1,000,000 annual deal & generated $3,600,000 in pipeline.

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How Xavor evolved from Oracle’s “parasite partner” and took control of their own destiny

It took 12 months but they’ve now closed $406k (and counting!) in new business

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How Clio Restructured Their Sales Team In 3 Months and Re-ignited Growth

Before Clio could focus on outbound, they had to tackle restructuring their team of 20 generalized salespeople…

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Activation Systems Joins Predictable Revenue’s Million Dollar Club

Highlights: 377 Handoffs $17,000,000 in pipeline, $1,325,000 in closed deals & $1,275,000 from one contract.

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LearnKit’s One-Man Sales Team Doubles Pipeline Growth in First 6 Months

3 new meetings every week, 7x 6-figure opportunities generated, and 1 closed deal.

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How Sanguine Biosciences built a “leads machine” in the Pharma industry

From 0 to 10 meetings per week and a 5x ROI in sight within a year.

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How Wpromote blew up sales to 100% year-over-year growth and stayed on top the Inc 500 list

WPromote grew outbound sales from 0% to 75% of all sales (the exact amount is private, but it was millions)…

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