Agility Recovery Boosts Outbound 4X with Predictable Revenue

151 meetings booked in month 5, 288% increase in pipeline, & a 73% increase in demos.

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LearnKit’s One-Man Sales Team Doubles Pipeline Growth in First 6 Months

3 new meetings every week, 7 x 6-figure opportunities generated, & 1 closed deal

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CEROS Connects With 70 Major Brands in First 4 Weeks of Outbound

70 major brands connected with, 4 weeks to generate early results

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How Schoox fired their telemarketing agency, closed a deal, and added $1M in pipeline in just 6 months

10 new meetings every week, 11 x 6-figure opps generated, & 1 deal closed by month 3

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Why Whiteboard Geeks nearly fired us and why they’re very happy they didn’t!

From 0 results in the first 3 months to 11X ROI in the first year

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How Xavor evolved from Oracle’s “parasite partner” and took control of their own destiny.

It took 12 months but they’ve now closed $406k (and counting!) in new business

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