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How to sell if you work in a unique niche

How to sell if you work in a unique niche

Just because what you are selling is unique, it doesn’t mean that it must be hard to find people who would buy it and convince them to do so. Indeed, the biggest drawback of being in a unique niche is figuring out where you stand in the product landscape and how competitive the market is.

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About Collin

Collin Stewart is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, podcast host, AA-ISP Chapter President & failed musician (in a funny - not sad - way). Collin spent most of his professional career selling (10 years) before founding a software company. He enjoys sales, marketing and product management, and believes the three disciplines need to develop a closer working relationship. Fun fact: Collin refereed hockey in order to pay rent during the first few years of starting the company.