Elevating Sales Hiring Practices with Dan Fantasia

Sales leaders are navigating a complex landscape in the current business climate, marked by uncertainty and rapid changes. In this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, Collin Stewart and Dan Fantasia, CEO of Treeline, touch on these challenges. 

With extensive experience in sales leadership and recruitment, Fantasia offers vital insights and strategies for sales teams to thrive amidst market instability.

Addressing Leadership Concerns and Team Composition in Sales

In an environment filled with fear and doubt, sales leaders are facing a unique set of challenges. These challenges are not confined to external market conditions but extend internally, raising questions about team dynamics and the right talent mix for the future. 

Dan observes a widespread concern among sales leaders regarding their team’s composition and ability to meet future market demands.

Strategies for Team Assessment and Retention

In response to these uncertainties, leaders reevaluate their teams beyond immediate sales targets. They are considering their teams’ long-term viability and composition, mainly focusing on retaining A-players. Fantasia emphasizes the importance of assessing team members based on their current performance and potential adaptability in the changing market.

One key strategy suggested by Fantasia is “top grading.” This process involves critically assessing each team member’s performance and potential. Suppose certain team members are consistently underperforming or unable to adapt to new market conditions. In that case, leaders may need to consider replacing them with individuals more capable of meeting these evolving challenges. The objective is to build a resilient team aligning with the company’s core values and effectively navigating the market’s changing tides.

Fantasia stresses that A-players are not just high performers in terms of sales; they also embody the company’s core values. These individuals are deeply invested in the company’s growth and committed to the team’s collective success. In balancing productivity with core values, Treeline uses a unique approach, plotting these attributes on a graph to identify the ideal team members who exhibit high productivity and strong alignment with core values.

Balancing Productivity and Core Values in Building a Successful Sales Team

In the current landscape of sales leadership, identifying and nurturing A-Players is critical. A-Players, as defined by Dan Fantasia, are not just top performers in terms of sales numbers. Their value extends beyond hitting targets; it lies in their alignment with the company’s core values, investment in its growth, and contribution to team success.

The Treeline Approach

Treeline adopts an innovative approach to measuring and balancing productivity with core values. This method involves graphing team members’ performance against their alignment with core values. The ideal candidates are those who exhibit high productivity and resonate strongly with the company’s ethos.

Key Considerations in Team Assessment:

  • Productivity vs. Core Values: High performers who lack alignment with core values can adversely impact the team culture. Conversely, individuals with solid core values but lower productivity are seen as coachable and valuable due to their cultural fit.
  • Strategic Coaching: The aim is to elevate core values and productivity. Those unable to align with core values despite coaching may not fit well within the team and its objectives.
  • Culture and Performance: Treeline follows a methodology akin to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), assessing cultural fit and performance separately yet considering both crucial for overall team success.

The Importance of Experience and Adaptability in Sales Talent

The demand for mature, experienced sales professionals has surged in a market characterized by uncertainty and change. These individuals possess a proven track record and the capability to adapt and thrive in aggressive market conditions.

Mature Talent in Challenging Markets

  • Experienced sales professionals are better equipped to handle market aggressiveness and complexities.
  • Less experienced individuals might face significant challenges and unfair disadvantages in such environments.

Advice for Aspiring Sales Reps:

  1. Self-Assessment: Fantasia advises less experienced reps not to oversell themselves but to have genuine conversations about their strengths and weaknesses with potential employers.
  2. Seeking the Right Fit: They must find companies that align with their values, offer mentorship, and provide an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Selective Hiring and Sales Motion Experience:

  • Hiring the right talent involves looking beyond competitors’ top producers. Understanding the context of their performance, including their market and positioning within their previous company, is essential.
  • The experience in a specific sales motion is often more critical than experience in a particular industry or vertical.

Treeline’s Comprehensive Approach to Sales Recruitment

Treeline’s approach to recruiting in the sales sector is unique in depth and thoroughness. 

They recognize that understanding a candidate’s full story goes far beyond what’s on the resume. Their process involves detailed interviews that not only cover a candidate’s current position but also delve into their early career experiences. This approach is rooted in the belief that a candidate’s history, including how they handled challenges and opportunities from a young age, paints a more accurate picture of their potential as a salesperson.

The technology used by Treeline adds another layer of transparency to this process. 

Their proprietary platform provides a three-dimensional view of each candidate, including professional achievements, personal attributes, and cultural fit. The use of a comprehensive scorecard further aids in assessing each candidate’s suitability. It covers various aspects like compensation expectations, sales cycle experience, average deal size, and quota achievements, ensuring clients understand how a candidate might fit into their organization.

Effective Planning and Timing in the Sales Hiring Process

Dan Fantasia emphasizes the critical role of timing and strategic planning in the sales hiring process, particularly during the holiday season. He advises sales leaders to be acutely aware of the limited number of business days at the end of the year. This awareness is vital for companies ramping up their sales team quickly. 

Ensuring that every member involved in the hiring process is on the same page and ready to move swiftly is crucial for successful hiring during this period.

Strategic planning and team alignment are equally important. 

Sales leaders must ensure their teams’ availability aligns with the hiring timeline. This alignment includes understanding who will be available during the holiday season and ensuring they are involved in decision-making. For companies not ready to move quickly, 

Fantasia suggests building a hiring pipeline in December, with a realistic understanding that the hiring may occur in the first quarter of the following year.

As laid out by Fantasia, these strategies offer valuable insights for sales leaders navigating the complexities of recruiting in a time-sensitive and often uncertain market environment. The goal is to ensure the right team is in place to meet the company’s objectives in the upcoming year.


Dan Fantasia’s insights offer crucial guidance for sales leaders in today’s dynamic market. He emphasizes the importance of strategic talent assessment, aligning team dynamics with market needs, and balancing productivity and core values. These principles are key for navigating current challenges and securing long-term success and growth in sales and recruitment. Fantasia’s wisdom is instrumental in leading sales teams towards adaptability and resilience in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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