From Concept to Market Mastery with Ganesh Shankar

In this episode of Predictable Revenue Podcast, hosted by Collin Stewart, an enlightening narrative unfolded about a company that has redefined the RFP (Request for Proposals) management industry. 

Responsive began as an ambitious idea in the minds of Ganesh Shankar and his co-founders. They set out to tackle the inefficiencies plaguing the RFP process, transforming how businesses approach proposals and bids. 

Ganesh Shankar’s journey from the initial concept to leading a trailblazing company in this niche market offers a compelling tale of innovation, perseverance, and strategic growth.

The Foundation of Responsive

The inception of Responsive was rooted in a common frustration experienced by its founders. Ganesh Shankar, alongside his co-founders, who had substantial experience supporting sales teams, frequently encountered the complexities and challenges inherent in responding to RFPs. 

Recognizing a significant gap in the market for efficient RFP solutions, they embarked on a mission to create a tool that could simplify and streamline this convoluted process.

Early Product Development

Responsive’s humble beginnings were marked by basic prototypes – first, a PowerPoint presentation, followed by an Excel-based model. These initial versions, while rudimentary, were crucial in conceptualizing the solution they aimed to provide.

As they refined their vision, the team progressed to develop a basic HTML prototype, laying the foundation for what would evolve into a sophisticated, comprehensive RFP management tool. This early development phase was instrumental in shaping the functionalities and capabilities of their emerging product.

The Early Growth Phase

As Responsive began to take shape, the focus was crystal clear: transforming the RFP response process for revenue teams. Initially known as, the company rebranded to Responsive, signaling a broader commitment to offering comprehensive solutions in RFP management. 

This transition marked a significant step in their journey, expanding their scope beyond just a tool for responding to RFPs to becoming a strategic partner in the entire sales process.

Beta Testing and Customer Acquisition

A critical six-month beta testing phase marked the path to market readiness for Responsive. This period was essential for refining the product, ensuring it met and exceeded market needs. 

During this time, Ganesh and his team leveraged their professional networks to introduce their innovative solution to potential customers. This strategy proved effective, as their connections provided invaluable initial feedback and helped establish a foundation for their customer base.

An integral part of Responsive’s early growth was the role played by the local press and the community. A feature in a Portland business journal brought significant attention to the company. This exposure was instrumental in attracting their first set of customers beyond their immediate network. 

Furthermore, the support and interest from the local community provided the momentum needed during these formative stages, underscoring the importance of building a solid local presence.

Sales Team Dynamics and Hiring Strategy

As Responsive transitioned from a startup with a founder-led sales approach to a more structured organization, the sales team dynamics became a focal point. Ganesh sought specific qualities in building this team: team spirit, a product-focused mindset, eagerness to learn, and a drive to hustle. These attributes were crucial in fostering a team that could adapt and thrive in a startup environment.

The shift from founder-led sales to a dedicated sales team was a pivotal moment for Responsive. It required a careful balancing act of maintaining the founder’s vision while empowering the sales team to innovate and drive growth. 

Ganesh managed this situation with a focus on mentorship and guidance, ensuring that the sales team understood the product profoundly and aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

Expanding the Customer Base and Product Offerings

In its quest to carve out a niche in the RFP management domain, Responsive honed in on a particular challenge: excel-based RFPs. This specialized focus swiftly established the company as a market leader in this area, laying a solid foundation for broader ventures.

Growth and Expansion

Significant strides marked Responsive’s expansion journey in growing its customer base and its internal team.

Key developments during this phase included:

  • Introduction of Business Development Representatives to proactively explore new business avenues.
  • Onboarding of Customer Success Managers to ensure sustained support and value delivery to existing customers.

The company’s early compensation plans were designed with a clear objective: incentivize the acquisition of any paying customer. 

As Responsive matured, this strategy emphasized deal sizes more, reflecting the changing market and customer needs. This evolution highlights the dynamic nature of sales strategies in response to business growth.

Customer Contracts and Feedback Mechanisms

Initially, Responsive opted for month-to-month customer contracts, a strategic choice that allowed for immediate feedback on product efficacy and customer satisfaction. This approach enabled the company to identify and rectify any issues quickly, ensuring a continuous loop of improvement and customer-centric development.

Responsive developed additional products in response to customer feedback and evolving market needs. This expansion was not just an addition of features; it represented a strategic enhancement of their offerings, further entrenching the company’s status as an innovator in RFP management.

Building the Revenue Team and Outbound Sales

Responsive’s journey into outbound sales around mid-2020 marked a significant pivot. This strategic move presented challenges, particularly for a company deeply rooted in inbound sales. 

The transition was not just about hiring an outbound sales team; it involved a comprehensive change in the company’s sales approach, requiring a coordinated effort across various departments. The initial phase included a learning curve and adaptation regarding sales techniques and mindset.

Evolution of the Revenue Team

The revenue team’s growth at Responsive went beyond mere expansion. With the introduction of a Chief Revenue Officer, the team gained fresh strategic insights, marking a transition from a founder-led sales approach to a more structured, professional sales organization.

This period saw:

  • The implementation of territory-based teams, focusing on specific regions globally.
  • A gradual move towards vertical specialization, tailoring the sales approach to different industry sectors.

Product Market Fit and Customer Satisfaction

A crucial aspect of Responsive’s growth story is its unwavering focus on product-market fit. The company continually refined its product to align with evolving market needs, ensuring it stayed relevant and competitive. Alongside this, customer satisfaction played a pivotal role. 

The satisfaction of existing customers ensured their loyalty and turned them into brand advocates. Fueled by customer satisfaction, this organic growth mechanism significantly expanded Responsive’s customer base and reinforced its market position.

The Current Landscape and Future Prospects

As Responsive grew, its influence extended beyond the RFP management industry into the job market. The company’s success has created new roles within Responsive and in the broader market. These opportunities are a testament to the innovative nature of the company’s solutions and their impact on industry practices. 

The numerous job listings on platforms like LinkedIn, requiring experience with Responsive’s products, highlight the company’s significant role in shaping job requirements and skill sets in the industry.

Strategic Response Management (SRM) Maturity Report

The release of the SRM Maturity Report by Responsive offers critical insights into the strategic importance of response management. This report underscores how leveraging SRM software like Responsive’s can directly contribute to a company’s growth and revenue.

Key findings include:

  • A substantial increase in win rates for companies utilizing SRM technologies.
  • The revelation that many companies are yet to leverage SRM tools indicates a vast potential for market penetration and growth.


Responsive’s journey, steered by Ganesh Shankar and his co-founders, has transformed a niche RFP challenge into a market-leading business in strategic response management. This trajectory demonstrates a remarkable fusion of innovation, customer focus, and adaptability. With its evolution from handling Excel-based RFPs to expanding its product suite and embracing outbound sales, Responsive has met market needs and consistently set new standards in the industry.

As the company looks forward, it remains poised at the forefront of industry innovation, ready to explore new horizons and opportunities. For those looking to be part of a dynamic team that shapes the future of response management, Responsive offers a platform where ambition meets opportunity, continuing to write a story of growth, adaptation, and market leadership.


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