How to Add Personality to Your Prospecting to Attract Ideal Customers

Nov 24, 2022

Collin Stewart

One of the most challenging parts of cold prospecting is that no one wants to be on the receiving end of a sales call. You need to start strong with a highly relevant and personalized message to capture the prospect’s attention. Our latest podcast guest shares tips to help you do just that.

Ruben Dua is a podcast host, video enthusiast, and the Founder and CEO of He joined the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss leveraging your personality during prospecting to attract more ideal customers.

The balance between call scripts and creativity

Creativity and personalization are critical to cold prospecting. Personalized cold emailing, for example, results in higher reply rates and deliverability. The problem is that true personalization is difficult to scale. 

Call scripts and email templates exist for a reason. Not only do they save sales reps time, but they’ve already been tested and proven to be effective. So instead of throwing away the entire script, think about how you can make it your own. Look for ways to add your personality. 

Over time, the more prospecting you do, you’ll learn what works and doesn’t. Repetition is the foundation for success. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can start experimenting with small tweaks to the script or changing your delivery tone on a cold call.

If you’re a sales leader and need help developing call scripts or email templates, reach out here to book a free discovery call. Our coaches can help you build a custom sales playbook for your team.

Build your prospecting muscle

Repetition alone isn’t enough to make you a quota-crushing sales rep. You’ll also need to work to hone your skills, lean into your strengths and work on your weaknesses. 

One of the best things you can do as a new sales rep is to get to know other parts of the business. Understand how marketing and customer success fit into the buyer’s journey and how prospects move through the pipeline from one stage to another. 

You also need to understand the problem your product or service solves and why it matters to your prospects. If you’re not sure, get out there and talk to more customers–and learn to listen. Listening is one of the most underutilized skills in sales, but if you can master it, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. 

Expand your skillset

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Aside from your customers, you should also learn from industry leaders. Listen to podcasts, read books, watch Youtube videos, and practice continuous learning to improve your prospecting skills.

Growing your skills requires self-awareness. Pay attention to which aspects of the prospecting process make you uncomfortable, then practice until you build confidence in those areas. 

The skills you learn as a salesperson will carry you throughout your career: communication, perseverance, and self-motivation will serve you no matter where you end up next.

The future of prospecting

Deliverability is a growing issue for sales teams, with more and more cold outreach ending up in the spam folder or simply being ignored by prospects who don’t have time to read another impersonal LinkedIn message.

According to a study conducted by EmailToolTester, 15.8% of all emails don’t make it to the recipient’s inbox–and that number is likely to go up as spam filters become increasingly strict. 

So how can you ensure your prospect actually receives your message? According to Ruben, personality is the solution. The more personalized your message, the more creative, and the more likely it will be recognized as being sent by a real person and not a bot. 

Another strategy you can employ is to become a content creator. If you’re active on social media, host a podcast, or post to a blog, all of that builds your brand and proves there’s a real person behind the screen.

Personalized prospecting is here to stay

Call scripts and templates are a great starting point, but top-performing reps bring their personality to every cold call, email, and LinkedIn message. The more you demonstrate your personality, the more likely you are to build meaningful connections and convert prospects into customers.

If you want to connect with Ruben to learn more about personalized cold prospecting, reach out via LinkedIn or visit



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