Cold Calling Scripts to Maximize B2B Sales

A quality cold call script can make or break your outbound sales success. If your script is too rigid, reps may come off as robotic; too generic and it will sound impersonal. Many reps get caught in the trap of pushing a sales pitch, without truly listening to what the prospect has to say.

These cold call script templates will help you craft a dialogue that feels natural, encourages two-way conversion, and wins more sales.

Your cold calling strategy

Before implementing a cold call script, you need to have a clear grasp of your cold calling process and how it fits within the larger outbound sales strategy. Make sure your ICP is clearly defined; otherwise reps will waste time cold calling poor fit prospects. 

Research is a crucial part of cold calling. Before picking up the phone, reps should have a clear picture of what the prospect’s company does, what their role is, and how your company can help them. If you’ve helped similar companies in the past, that should be noted as well. 

Outbound sales reps should be trained on more than just basic cold calling and how to run through a script. They should also learn how to qualify leads, handle objections, and improvise on the call as the conversation plays out naturally. Use role-playing and improv practice to prepare your reps for cold calling.

If you need help training reps or improving your cold calling process, book a free assessment call with our coaching team! 

Cold calling tips: Start with your message

“You must focus on having an effective message that captures a prospect’s attention,” says Scott Collins, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service at Gartner

“Strong cold-calling messages have three critical parts. They:

  • are strategic in nature,
  • are brief and to the point, and
  • spark curiosity by being relevant to the prospect.” 

Before writing your cold call script, focus on crafting a message that’s strategic, straightforward, and sparks curiosity. Research is essential to keep this message relevant to the prospect.

Cold Calling Script Templates For Your Sales Reps

While we always recommend that every sales tip, trick, or tactic be taken with a grain of salt and A/B tested against other methods, these cold calling scripts have stamps of approval from some of the most successful and reputable B2B sales leaders and practitioners in the sales development industry.

The structure of an effective cold call script

Effective cold calling includes four key phases: the introduction, rapport building, position statement, and a call to action. 


Every cold call script needs to start with a proper introduction, so the prospect knows exactly who they’re speaking to. Sometimes reps rush through this to get right into the pitch, but it’s important to pause here. This article from Hubspot recommends pausing for eight seconds while the prospect tries to remember if they know the caller.

Build rapport

An effective cold call script doesn’t jump right to the pitch but begins by establishing rapport with the prospect. This is where prior research will come in handy. 

You may mention a recent article the prospect shared on LinkedIn, a conference they attended, or even a personal connection you share. Mentioning a fun fact or hobby will immediately set this apart from a typical cold call.

Position statement

Explain why you’re calling, why you’ve chosen this prospect in particular, and how your company can help. For example, “We help X companies do Y. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?” 

Notice this isn’t a straight sales pitch, but rather positions your company as a trusted problem solver. If the prospect says yes, then you can begin to ask a series of follow-up questions to further qualify them. If all goes well, you can then introduce your offer and ask for another call.

Call to action

The goal of cold calling is to book a meeting or set another call. After qualifying the prospect and explaining what your company does, ask if they’d be interested in setting an appointment. Make sure you set those next steps as clearly as possible while on the call.

Final note on cold calling

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for cold calling. The key is to tailor your cold call script to your company and your ideal customer profile (ICP), so it feels both authentic and highly personal. 

These cold call script templates are the perfect place to start and can be easily customized to your company’s outbound sales process. Click here to download the templates!

The tips in this book will help you navigate a better outbound process, one that focuses on human connection over quotas. Because ironically, focusing on your prospect instead of the sale will make you a more successful sales rep.

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