On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes LB Harvey, Senior Vice President of Sales, Success, Support at Intercom.

LB has held nearly every leadership position there is to have in sales: manager, director, VP, SVP…LB has seen a thing or two. And she’s on the show to discuss her journey, and impart some wisdom she’s learned along the way.

Throughout the pod, Collin and LB discuss how to stand out as an early frontline sales manager, and how to make the jump to more senior (and strategic) leadership positions. Highlights include: LB’s sales journey ([36:13]), how to stand out and get tapped for the big jobs ([39:55]), the importance of prioritization ([42:00]), getting the right people on the bus ([55:27]), improve the organization ([1:00:13]), making the right decisions…quickly ([1:05:47]), and decision making frameworks ([1:14:15]).

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