On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, host Sarah Hicks welcomes Dr. Ethan Becker, executive speech coach, trainer, and renowned author.

Dr. Becker has helped clients of all sizes improve their communication: Harvard University, Apple, and the New York Giants…to name just three. He’s also an Executive Education professor at Harvard. #NotTooShabby.

Throughout the pod, Sarah and Dr. Becker take a deep dive into the ever-important topic of communication in virtual environments. Now that we’ve entered a collective remote work life, this is a timely podcast, to be sure.

Highlights include: how has communication changed in virtual environments? ([1:55]), making good first impressions in virtual sales calls ([3:21]), building meaningful, continued relationships with a client over video ([7:15]), balancing screen fatigue ([11:32]),  in what ways has persuasion been crippled in the COVID environment? ([19:51]), reading objections without external cues ([25:55]), creating an authentic sales methodology ([30:22]).

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