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SDR Pods

The fastest way to build an Outbound SDR Team

For revenue leaders with a mandate to grow (fast!) that think outbound could help them grow faster and with more predictability.

Grow your revenue faster and more predictably

How It Works

Build The Team

We hire a team of SDRs and Sales Researchers, train them, build their playbook and their sales stack (Salesforce + Outreach).

Playbook Design

We launch and run test campaigns to determine the right messaging, scripting, and channels to reach your target accounts. 

Build Pipeline

We book meetings on your AEs’ calendars, sit in on demos, set follow-ups, and anything else to keep your pipeline moving forward.

What You End Up With

A steady stream of meetings with new prospects

A dedicated SDR team of 2 x SDRs


A Sales Researcher responsible for list building


Ongoing SDR training with our Head of Sales


Weekly check-ins with SDR + Account Director


Weekly SDR reports that outlines the campaigns we’re running, our activity, and the results we’ve produced


Monthly reports that outline our progress on the upcoming milestone, results to date and our plans to get us to the next milestone

Minimum 12 Month Engagement

4x more revenue efficient than hiring your own SDR Team

Avoid wasting time and money learning how to do it yourself. Let us build out your dream outbound team, faster.

Get Started With Our SDR Pods

Finally, get in touch so you can grow faster with Outbound Sales Development. Triple your growth rate with the $100 million best practices of Predictable Revenue. Get help with training, consulting, outbound prospecting, and more.