B2B Growth Channels for Different CAC Levels Part 2

B2B Growth Channels for Different CAC Levels Part 2

Michael Gaudet joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss the best sales growth channels for $10-50k CAC levels and how to use them to drive pipeline revenue.

Michael Gaudet is a Performance Marketing Leader with over a decade of digital marketing experience building and managing high-achieving revenue teams.

He joined the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss the best B2B growth channels for different CAC levels and how to use them to drive your sales pipeline. This second part of the interview focused on the best channels to drive sales growth at $10-50k CAC levels.

Key differences between $1-10k and $10-50k CAC levels

At smaller CAC levels, the main priority is to make your sales process scalable and as automated as possible. With shorter sales cycles, the goal is high-volume outreach.

At $10-50k CAC levels, the sales cycle is longer, usually one to six months. This is where it becomes important to measure the expected value of pipeline revenue. If you have a well-established sales process, you should be able to reasonably predict how many deals will close.

The longer the sales cycle, the more important it becomes to understand not just your close rate but also the micro-conversion rates throughout the entire sales process. This will allow you to better predict the value of your sales pipeline.

Sales growth at $10-50k CAC levels

At this stage, cold outreach may be responsible for a larger portion of your pipeline revenue, leading to a longer sales cycle and larger deal size. However, most leads will also likely come into contact with inbound sales or marketing.

Make sure to properly attribute each lead in the sales pipeline. The majority of the credit should go to whoever found the lead but don’t discount all of the touchpoints along the way.

You may also want to consider lead caps for outbound sales, where a rep only receives credit for a lead if they’ve reached out in the last 30 days. This encourages reps to stay on top of all their leads in the sales pipeline. You can also cap the number of active leads each rep is allowed to have to ensure their attention isn’t split between too many prospects at once.

Using LinkedIn to grow your sales pipeline

At higher CAC levels, thought leadership and top-of-funnel content become even more important.

LinkedIn is a great tool to drive B2B growth at all CAC levels. The mistake many salespeople make is assuming they don’t have enough time to create consistent content when in reality, they can maintain an active presence on the platform in just a few hours a week.

Repurposing content is one option. If you have a podcast, you can share small snippets of it on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a podcast or Youtube channel, consider recording a short video of your thoughts on trending topics, then pass it off to the marketing team to repurpose.

Aside from original content, you can also be a curator. Share other people’s content with your own thoughtful opinion or comment. The key is creating a repeatable system to help you stay on top of LinkedIn (or whichever platforms you’re active).

LinkedIn ads for B2B growth

Before branching into ads, ensure you can keep up on LinkedIn organically. Paid options won’t offer the same return if you’re not actively sharing and creating content.

There are several different ad channels on LinkedIn, so the best way to find what works for you is to experiment and measure the results. Following the same methods outlined for $1-10k CAC levels, establish your hypothesis, baseline comparison, and how much time you’ll need to spend to understand the results.

LinkedIn ads are relatively easy to outsource because the results are measurable. Instead of focusing on cost per click (CPC), focus on conversion rates and your ROI. How much does it cost to generate a qualified lead? If your conversion rate is twice as high with ads than without, then it’s twice as effective, regardless of your CPC.

Ads generally take some time to work effectively. Expect your numbers to improve month after month. It’s okay if you don’t hit your goals in month one, but if you don’t see any improvement month to month, you likely need to reevaluate your strategy.

Lead generation for $10-50k CAC levels

Data enrichment tools like Clearbit can provide useful insight into your sales pipeline, allowing you to capture and convert more leads.

Lead magnets are another great tool at this stage of B2B growth. There are two factors to consider when creating an effective lead magnet: where prospects are on their buyer’s journey. and what type of content your audience prefers (i.e. ebooks, video, live events).

For higher CAC levels, there are typically more stakeholders involved in the sales process. Marketing automation can help you target multiple buyer personas at once and tailor your content to each one (for example, IT, legal, C-suite).

You can also map content to where each prospect is on their buyer’s journey. At this CAC level, customization becomes more important than volume.

Advanced strategies for higher CAC levels

Gather information about who’s spending time on your website so you can follow up in real time with relevant content. For example, if someone visits your pricing page, send them an automated email to see if they have any questions.

Site personalization is a more advanced option. This is where your website content automatically changes to match certain buyer personas, industries, and stages in the buyer’s journey.

Using social proof to drive pipeline revenue

Case studies are another great sales tool for $10-50k CAC levels, particularly for leads in the consideration phase of their buyer’s journey when they’re actively comparing solutions. Sales reps can send social proof as part of a follow-up or overcome objections.

You can also use case studies to target warm leads in the sales pipeline, for example, those who have listened to your podcast or engaged with your content online.

Whenever possible, include hard numbers in your case studies, along with a name and photo of the client. Click here to view an example of an effective case study.

 B2B Growth Channels Available for Each CAC Level Part 2

Managing your sales pipeline at $10-50k CAC levels

With CAC levels in this medium range, sales cycles tend to be longer and more complex. Customization is more important than volume, and outbound strategies become even more effective for capturing this larger deal size.

If you need help building an effective strategy to target your ideal customers, reach out here to get started. Our expert coaches can help you build a custom outbound model to maximize your investment, including tech stack recommendations, pipeline management, social selling strategy, and more.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this interview to learn more about the best B2B growth channels for $50k+ CAC levels. If you want to connect with Michael to learn more about sales growth channels and how they relate to CAC levels, reach out via LinkedIn.



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