Why Are B2B Companies Choosing SDR Outsourcing in 2022?

There’s a growing trend in the B2B outbound sales industry, with more and more companies choosing to outsource their sales development reps (SDRs).

Not all companies have the budget or expertise to build their own outbound sales team from scratch. For the overworked and time-pressed sales leader, outsourcing SDRs begins to look more and more appealing. 

Wondering if outsourcing SDRs is the right path for you? Learn why this less stressful option has become increasingly common in the B2B space.

The cost of building an internal SDR team

Before diving into the benefits of outsourcing, it’s important to understand both options so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your business. 

Many sales leaders and founders jump into building an outbound sales team before researching what the process will entail. As a result, they end up making costly mistakes. Here are a few things to consider before going that route:

Time investment 

Do you (or does someone on your team) have the time to commit to building an SDR team right now? Hiring SDRs can be an in-depth process with multiple interviews, and after you’ve chosen the right candidates you’ll also need to consider training and onboarding. 

Ramp time

New SDRs require a fair amount of hands-on support. According to Hubspot, the average ramp time for an SDR is 3.2 months–sometimes longer, depending on the length of your sales cycle and the complexity of your product. 

Proven processes

Before you start hiring SDRs, you need to ensure you have a well-documented outbound sales process. A playbook and sales script will make the onboarding process much smoother. Without a solid system in place, even the best SDRs will have trouble building pipeline.

Coaching commitment 

If you want your sales development reps to be successful, they’ll need regular coaching either from you or a manager. Adding a coaching element to your sales process improves win rates by 28% and quota attainment by 10%. Without coaching, your SDRs will lose most of the knowledge they learn during training. 

Additional costs

Like any other employee, you’ll need to pay for your SDRs’ benefits and hiring costs. Don’t forget to factor in other expenses like equipment, enablement tools, and office space if you’re operating in person. 

Benefits of outsourcing SDRs

Faster return on investment 

An outsourced SDR service takes care of the process from start to finish: hiring, training, test campaigns, and most importantly, building a pipeline that keeps your AEs fully booked. Your outbound sales team will be up and running much sooner than if you were to hire internally, which means you’ll start recuperating hiring costs that much faster. 

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Let your AEs focus on what they do best

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing SDRs is that your best internal talent is reserved for closing sales. Instead of spending hours identifying and qualifying new leads, your AEs can focus on closing the deal. It’s a win-win for everyone on your sales team.

Work with the best of the best

Building and managing an in-house SDR team is a process of trial and error; it can take months before you find the most effective system. 

In contrast, outsourcing your SDRs means you’ll be following a well-established strategy. Working with professionals means also ensures your sales reps stay on top of industry best practices.

No need to worry about retention

SDRs are in high demand these days, and it can be difficult to find and retain enough sales talent to keep your pipeline full. One of the primary reasons why SDRs choose to leave a company is lack of support–an issue that’s easily avoided by outsourcing.

External SDRs have access to all the support they need, including coaching from experienced managers and continuous training to stay on top of best practices.

Build your outbound sales team for the future

Outsourcing your SDRs early on can help you establish a strong sales strategy from day one. Once the foundations have been built and your pipeline is flowing with leads, you’ll be better prepared to hire internally down the line. 

Building an in-house SDR team takes time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. If you’re looking to get a team ramped as quickly as possible, outsourcing your SDRs is a fantastic option.

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