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Sales coaching training: coaching a sales team beyond cold calling tips.

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Are you worried about pipeline and hitting revenue targets?

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Get the confidence you need to grow your business.

Our sales coaches share insights and recommendations from:


the tens of thousands of campaigns developed,


the millions of cold emails sent,


and the 100s of companies we’ve helped build out successful outbound engines.

We’ll work with your leadership team to help implement processes from the top down, as well as your team of sales development representatives to provide them with tactical sales coaching and training designed to help them achieve their quota month after month.

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How It Works

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Review of your current sales development initiatives.

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Identify gaps and opportunities.

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Detailed execution plan for how we will help you achieve your goals.

Our sales coaching includes:

Sales Playbook Creation

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Team Structure & Hiring Support

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Sequence Design & Messaging

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Custom Outbound ROI Model

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Understanding Your Customers

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Pipeline Management

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Call Flow (Objection Handling & Closing)

Finding The Right Prospects

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Competitor Analysis

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Sales Tech Stack Recommendations

Social Selling Strategy

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Video Prospecting

We're here for you:


  • Live team coaching sessions
  • Live one on ones with your sales development representatives
  • Live management updates
  • Unlimited support via Slack

“We have had to promote 2 SDRs to AE’s within their first month because our current AE’s are completely overbooked.”

Lewis Cowie, Chief Operating Officer at Cost Certified

Lewis Cowie, Chief Operating Officer at Cost Certified

Meet our Coaching Team

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks

Director of Coaching and Consulting

Sarah is the Director of Coaching and Consulting at Predictable Revenue, Collin Stewart’s counterpart on the Predictable Revenue podcast, a theatre school graduate, and an MBA candidate. Her experience performing and auditioning taught her first to be a coachable, agile, and experimental SDR. After crushing SDR quotas and taking inspiration from the sales industry’s top thought leaders (and interviewing many of them on the podcast), she managed a team of 12 SDRs. Now, she coaches revenue leaders on building and scaling their outbound functions in-house.

Fun fact: Sarah moonlights as an actor/musician (under a stage name – you’ll have to ask her what it is).

Cristina Esposto

Cristina Esposto

Sales and Strategy Coach

Cristina is a Sales and Strategy Coach with an obsession for growth. Everything from professional growth by way of clients success, to personal growth by adding to the list of restaurants she frequents. With a lifelong career in sales of all forms and positions, her mission is to take the grind out of sales, teams and functions, allowing companies to scale.

Fun fact: She once accidentally pet a bear.

Let’s Grow Your Revenue!

Finally, get in touch so you can grow faster with Outbound Sales Development.

Our Coaching and Consulting covers: Sequence Writing, Playbook Creation, Leadership Advice, SDR Training, Hiring Support, & more.

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