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Outbound Evaluation

Outbound consultations help our clients get guidance and clarity on what initiatives to prioritize in order to generate outbound success.

Our goal is to drive alignment and a shared understanding of what’s possible, what’s necessary, and what may require further tinkering as you design, implement, and continually develop your outbound sales development program.

What To Expect

  • Third party review of your outbound sales and growth initiatives.
  • Sanity check that you’re doing the right things and not on the path towards any potential roadblocks.
  • Clarity on what to do next to give yourself the best shot at outbound success

Build & Scale

Outbound Success was created to help your team reach their maximum potential.
We’ve coached hundreds of sales reps to do exactly this, and now want to pass on this expertise to your reps.

During this engagement, we’ll host a series of workshops in order to coach your team on the best approach and mentality to outbound prospecting, and make sure that they can produce the best results month after month. Examples of some of the workshops include cold calling, email writing, and account navigation.

What To Expect

  • Build your outbound sales team right the first time.
  • Train your team with the most up to date best practices.
  • Develop and document a proven outbound sales playbook that you can use to scale with ease.


If you are looking to become more efficient we have a plethora of offerings that will allow you to optimize your outbound sales strategy. From sequence design to helping you hire the best SDR internally, we have tailored services based on the foundational methodologies and principles of Predictable Revenue. Our team of sales coaches will work with you to assess possibilities and configure an engagement with you.

What To Expect

  • Tweaks and tinkers to your playbook to help you get more from your outbound efforts.
  • Best practice training sessions for your team.
  • & more.

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Meet our coaching team

Carrie White

Carrie White

SVP of Coaching and Delivery Services

Carrie has 25+ years in Hi Tech/SaaS in F500 and startups.  Her key strengths and experiences include senior sales leadership, alliances/channels leadership, sales coaching and training.  She founded a Toastmasters Chapter at IBM in the early 2000’s.  

Fun fact: She has a ‘party trick’ where she can walk on her hands across a room.

Sales Development Methodology Workshop: The Principles

Sales Development Methodology Workshop: The Playbook

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks

Lead Coach

Sarah is the Lead Coach at Predictable Revenue, Collin’s counterpart on the Predictable Revenue podcast, a theatre school graduate, and an MBA candidate. Her experience performing and auditioning taught her first to be a coachable, agile, and an experimental SDR. After crushing SDR quotas and taking inspiration from the sales industry’s top thought leaders (and interviewing many of them on the podcast) she managed a team of 12 SDRs. Now, she coaches revenue leaders on how to build and scale their outbound functions in-house.

Fun fact: Sarah moonlights as an actor/musician (under a stage name – you’ll have to ask her what it is).

Cristina Esposto

Cristina Esposto

Sales and Strategy Coach

Cristina is a Sales and Strategy Coach with an obsession for growth. Everything from professional growth by way of clients success, to personal growth by adding to the list of restaurants she frequents. With a lifelong career in sales of all forms and positions, her mission is to take the grind out of sales, teams and functions, allowing companies to scale.

Fun fact: She once accidentally pet a bear.

Customer testimonials

PR delivered on exactly what we requested, and more.

Sophie D'Souza

VP Optimization @ Spiralyze

Thanks to the Predictable Revenue coaches, we saw a better understanding of sales development on our team, improved prospecting tactics, and better responses from customers.

Jessica Arnold

SVP Business Development @ Health Catalyst

It’s all about people and the Predictable Revenue team has been fantastic.

Brad Parker

Co-Founder @ FormPiper

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