On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Justin Clifford, Director of Sales at Lessonly.

Justin, by his own admission, grew up in sales: before leading the team at Lessonly, Justin held both leadership and quota-carrying roles in a host of different industries.

Throughout their discussion, Collin and Justin tackle a philosophical, nuanced, and undeniably important aspect of sales: inspiring your team to be themselves and excel at their jobs. They also talk about some inspiring reads, including the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Klemp. Check it out, if you haven’t already. 

Highlights include: unlocking growth in your reps ([22:16]), Justin’s approach to leadership ([27:04]), the importance of being vulnerable ([30:20]), the autonomy to get your teeth kicked in ([41:58]), value-adding moments ([57:20]), how Justin does his forecast reviews ([1:09:07]), the sales lightning round ([1:18:31]), and cold call Collin ([1:24:59]).