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Sangram Vajre joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

Sangram is a bestselling author who co-founded Terminus in 2014 and ever since has been teaching the business of marketing with his signature frameworks. He’s an international keynote speaker, was named one of the top twenty-one B2B marketing influencers in the world, and is the host of a top-fifty business podcast called FlipMyFunnel.

Highlights include: crossing the valley of death from $10MM onward 3:20, the telltale signs that your GTM process is broken 5:20, the 4 questions to ask at every stage of your business so you can scale 7:30, transitioning between problem, product, and platform-market fit 11:08, when to bring in RevOps 13:47, what to build when you reach platform-market fit 16:45, and how outbound factors into the 3 stages of your business 20:15.

You can order MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework by Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown wherever you get your books and you can download free scorecards, templates, and slides at 100% of proceeds from book sales in 2021 will be donated to New Story, a company pioneering solutions to end global homelessness.

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