Kim Brown, Director of Sales and Business Development at Quick Base, joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

After doing stints in sales, sales operations, sales development, demand generation, go-to-market strategy, marketing, team building, cold call training, and client prospecting, Kim has learned a thing or two about working cross-functionally within a large revenue org, and how to wrangle rogue SDRs. Highlights include: the difference between sales ecosystems in startups and large companies ([3:33]), what working cross-functionally looks like for a leader in the day-to-day ([8:35]), the ideal relationship between sales and marketing ([11:01]), where the strategic focus should come from ([15:24]) and how SDR teams influence it ([17:36]), how to stage outbound experiments and ensure adoption of new strategies ([21:36]), and Kim’s top tip about always finding a way to win ([43:06]).

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