Claire Chandler, President, and Founder of Talent Boost, is this week’s guest on the Predictable Revenue podcast. 

Having worked with many diverse startups and corporations over the last 25 years, she has experienced that most companies fall apart once they start to scale. As a solution to this, she created a revolutionary way to align your leaders and teams around a unifying vision that attracts, retains, and motivates the right talent to achieve your mission. Sarah Hicks chats with Claire about why culture is so important ([4:29]), the key elements of a positive culture ([7:02]), finding your company’s mission, not its mission statement ([9:09]), how to retain the greatness of startup culture as you scale ([14:31]), replicating your culture in a remote environment ([20:15]), hiring the right salespeople to fit into your company culture ([28:48]), keeping up momentum as you grow ([38:13]), and how to be a startup founder that behaves like the leader of a big company ([55:33]).

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