Michel Feaster chats with Collin Stewart on this value-packed episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast. If you’ve ever thought about designing a brand new product to capture a brand new market – this one’s for you.

Michel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Usermind, responsible for company vision, strategic direction, planning, and execution. Michel’s enterprise software career spans almost 20 years with roles in sales, products, strategic marketing, and general management, and she has designed a framework for building new categories. She dives into what constitutes a category ([1:38]), the rule of disruptions ([5:22]), validating a category ([6:50]), moving from validation to product design ([14:04]), differentiating ([19:17]), timing ([24:10]), degrees of product-market fit ([32:36]), business impact and TAM ([35:33]), competitive analysis ([40:49]), continued iteration ([50:06]), and how to identify the best, fastest-growing SaaS startups to join at any stage in your career ([56:38]).

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