On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Irina Soriano, Head of Enablement at Seismic.

Irina is a veteran sales and enablement leader: she’s been a quote-carrying rep, sales manager, and led sales operations teams at large organizations. She’s juggled the tactical and procedural, and knows how to make a sales org run.

Throughout the pod, Collin and Irina discuss the ins and outs of building a sales enablement team – from building an enablement org from scratch, to refining processes, to expanding enablement when the time is right. Highlights include: defining enablement ([1:01]), where to start with enablement ([4:36]), where does enablement typically sit? ([8:29]), the charter ([10:05]), the all-important return on investment ([16:36]), prioritizing tasks ([21:27]), getting funding and resources ([27:24]), and cold call Collin ([29:54]).

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