On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Jeron Paul, Founder, and CEO of Spiff.com.

Jeron is a veteran and accomplished entrepreneur: he’s a four-time founder (with three exits), a board member, and former VC. 

Throughout the pod, Collin and Jeron discuss the often-repeated, but not always true, myths around building comp plans. Highlights include: why are compensation plans critical? ([5:50]), myth 1 – commissions don’t matter much ([15:53]), myth 2 – straight line commissions are better than complex commissions ([27:04]), myths 3 and 4 – quota bonuses aren’t always effective and accelerators aren’t worth the complexity ([39:29]), and myth 5 – more frequent or less frequent bonuses…which is more effective? ([51:39]).

Jeron Paul Founder and CEO of Spiff.com


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