On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Kyle Racki, noted author and CEO of Halifax’s Proposify.

In addition to leading Proposify’s growing team through fundraising rounds, the ups and downs of startup life, and a company-wide evolution to sell bigger deals, Kyle is a trained designer, former agency head, and noted author. 

Throughout the pod, Collin and Kyle discuss Proposify’s move up-market from servicing just small businesses to selling enterprise deals. Highlights include: Proposify…before moving up-market ([4:37]), where did Proposify start price-wise to go up-market? ([7:49]), Proposify’s initial sales team ([11:29]), the big changes ([17:41]), key realizations ([24:24]), re-training sales ([33:24]), the changes to customer success ([40:38]), and Proposify’s wins and mistakes ([44:14]).

Show Notes:
Understanding the job

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