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On this edition of a live Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes two members of Workfront’s sales leadership team: Justin Hiatt, Vice President of Digital Sales, and Eddy Morris, Enablement Manager.

Before joining Workfront, Justin held leadership positions at some of the most well-known tech companies –, HubSpot, and Oracle, to name just a few.

Eddy bring years of multidisciplinary leadership experience to his role at Workfront, having led cross-functional marketing and sales teams in various industries.  

Throughout the pod, Collin, Justin, and Eddy discuss why Workfront invests in hyper-personalized email touches. Highlights include: why personalizing matters (5:30), Workfront’s cadences and compensation (9:18), how Workfront reps tailor their messaging (16:51), crafting emails (26:23), how long is too long for an intro email? (53:38).