How Predictable Revenue Helped Build and Stabilize Ordrslip’s Outbound Process and Bring in up to 20 Meetings a Month

How Predictable Revenue Helped Build and Stabilize Ordrslip’s Outbound Process and Bring in up to 20 Meetings a Month

In the company’s early days, they’d used several volume-focused “auto-dialer” companies to help them get their outbound sales machine off the ground. But what Ordrslip needed, however, wasn’t brute-force prospecting. The company had yet to really hone in on its ICP – they went after everyone they could in order to close their first handful of clients – and the outsourced firms they used didn’t have any nuanced outbound expertise. Those companies knew volume…and volume only.

What Ordrslip needed was a company they could trust to help them build a predictable and scalable outbound process from the ground up. They needed to test and experiment with their market to define their ICP. They needed to track their conversations, understand what specific segments were responding, and to refine their messaging as a result.

And that’s exactly what Predictable Revenue offered.

“We came into it thinking we had used similar services, but had nothing to show for it. I was skeptical going in as a result. But our initial conversations gave me a lot of comfort. It showed us they were really invested,” says Miguel Alcaron, Product Officer at Ordrslip.

“And the questions they asked us in those meetings – some we knew how to answer, and some made us think a lot. It really helped us get out of the trenches and step back a little. It showed me your team was really thinking about how this could work.”

According to Alcaron, the effects of working with Predictable Revenue were instant: the Predictable Revenue team visited Ordrslip on-site, and immediately began to discuss the company’s previous outbound experience to understand what hadn’t worked and where more support was needed. That white-glove service showed a level of care they had not seen with any other vendor, and gave Ordrslip the confidence to continue experimenting, refining, and expanding its outbound process.

In addition to taking the time to fully understand Ordrslip’s history and unique circumstance, the Predictable Revenue team also established regular meetings and created open channels for dialogue so they could discuss what was working, what wasn’t, and track all outreach effectively in Ordrslip’s CRM.

That granular, dedicated process has already yielded amazing results – Ordrslip has been able to identify and proactively reach new niches markets. For example, Alcaron says the company initially assumed pizza shops would be a good target for them, but with the help of Predictable Revenue’s outreach, they soon saw crab shacks and BBQ shops would be successful as well. That realization immediately led to more opportunities and new tailored messaging to speak to those particular segments.

“We have grown up a lot in this partnership.”

Predictable Revenue has also had a significant impact on Ordrslip’s bottom line: Predictable Revenue has delivered up to 5 qualified leads per week for the past two months, two of which have already closed.

As a result, Alcaron says he’s even been able to focus some of his Account Executives on longer-term initiatives like securing strategic partnerships with payment providers to bring the Ordrslip product to an even bigger market. But that new, and potentially game-changing focus, could only exist because of the dependable source of warm leads Predictable Revenue is providing. It’s already become the backbone of Ordrslip’s outbound machine – and there’s only more to come.

“We have high expectations for the future, and want to continue raising those numbers, but where we are right now is huge for us. And the sales process that we have created has been amazing – the follow ups, tracking metrics, and awesome messaging. We have grown up a lot in this partnership,” says Alcaron.

“We will continue to benefit from using Predictable Revenue to handle all of our prospecting, which will allow our sales team to focus on strategic partnerships. We will be dividing and conquering in a much more strategic way than ever before.”

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