LearnKit’s One-Man Sales Team Doubles Pipeline Growth in First 6 Months

LearnKit’s One-Man Sales Team Doubles Pipeline Growth in First 6 Months

In Nov 2015, Kristian, CEO of LearnKit, was faced with a new (higher) annual sales goal to reach in 2016, and limited manpower to do it. He was a one man sales team and needed to sell more faster (about 50% more) to have any shot at hitting his target.

He hired a Sales Development Rep (SDR) to help, but she couldn’t start for 3 more months. And, she’d never created/run an outbound campaign before. He’d tried prospecting on his own, with mixed results, and felt frustrated about not knowing “what he still didn’t know” about prospecting to feel confident in hitting his goals on time. He still wasn’t sure about his messaging or his targeting. He admits to being human and letting his prospecting efforts take a back seat to everything else. 

He felt the pressure from the rest of the team and wanted to make sure he had the right processes in place to succeed. His initial plan was to hire a team of 2-4 outbound SDRs plus a manager, but building a team that large from scratch could take 6-12 months before the new team members were paying for themselves. Additionally, hiring a large team was a risky play for LearnKit, which had raised little outside capital, if outbound didn’t become a profitable sales channel the company would have to lay off 5 team members and would have wasted 6-12 months of time + salaries.

That’s when he reached out to Predictable Revenue to find out what we could provide to help him increase revenue. He evaluated a number of options ranging from direct competitors, list providers, and even doing it themselves with a resource overseas. At the end of the day, he liked the experience our team brought and the fact that we had already dealt with most of the roadblocks he was facing. As an added bonus, we were able to help them have a lot more conversations really quickly.

He began our Accelerator Service in December and the first thing we did was our Nail a Niche workshop to fine-tune his targeting and create a go-to-market strategy for each of his niches. Within the first 3 weeks our Accelerate team was already generating meetings for him. By month 3 we were delivering 10 meetings per month.

Before hiring Predictable Revenue, LearnKit was only generating 2-3 appointments every month because all of their initial sales came from word of mouth and referrals from their networks. The steady stream of new meetings helped Kristian accelerate their sales growth and get on track to crush his 2016 targets.


New Meetings Each Week


6-Figure Opportunities Generated


Deal Closed By End of Month 6

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