Top Outbound Sales Tools Your SDR Team Needs in 2022

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SDRs and their leaders are always on top of the latest tech. Between chatting with prospects, scouring the best blogs, and catching LinkedIn feed highlights, not much can get past them when it comes to top sales tools

But there are a few SDR sales tools that might have slipped past your radar. We sat down with pro-SDRs and got insider info on what tech they’ve been using to crush quota.

 Let’s jump in.

11 SDR & Sales Tools to Add to Your Tech Stack ASAP 

Sales Intelligence

1. Leadfeeder

Ever wished you could read your prospects’ minds? Well, Leadfeeder gets you pretty close.

It’s a website visitor analytics software that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they got there, and what pages they clicked.  Think of it as a lead generation, account-based marketing, and sales intelligence tool all in one.  

The Leadfeeder Tracker can even reveal up to 30% more companies in almost real-time. That gives your SDRs a good extra chunk of insights for booking more meetings.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Every savvy SDR has a few Sales Navigator tips and tricks up their sleeve. But in 2022, using it to its full prospecting potential means understanding its newest features.

Not only does LinkedIn Sales Navigator help SDRs find the right prospects to reach out to, but its latest updates help reps more easily engage with contacts and accounts. The most-recent search and filter updates make it easy to narrow down criteria. So reps can find the right prospects using even the most precise details. 

Sales Engagement

1. Bloobirds

In the world of legacy Sales Engagement tools, this platform is a breath of fresh air for SDRs. Bloobirds is a sales engagement + playbook platform that intuitively guides reps to convert more prospects into customers.

Bloobirds sits on top of any CRM to transform it into something the sales team will actually like using. It eliminates tedious admin tasks and makes sure reps always follow best plays with the in-app playbook. Help your team flow through their pipeline, all while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

 2. Hippo Video

Nowadays, prospects are already overwhelmed with hundreds of cold emails in their inbox. So how do you stand out from the crowd, grab their attention, and actually start building relationships?

Hippo Video engagement platform for B2B sales teams might be able to help. It helps reps build relationships with a human touch.  Best of all? Its easy-to-use interface takes the guesswork and frustration out of sending a personalized video.



1. Aircall 

You can’t list top sales tools without mentioning Aircall. The cloud-based call center and phone system are easy to use and integrate with other popular productivity and helpdesk tools. It was built to make phone systems easy to manage – accessible, transparent, and collaborative.

And as much as reps may fight it, cold calls are still one of the most effective ways to reach prospects. And Aircall knows it. They believe that a great conversation is the most powerful way to communicate with prospects.

2. Crazycall

This straightforward dialer is an insider SDR tool. This phone system does it all, keeping reps in mind every step of the way. Enabling everything from inbound calls to reaching international numbers with no additional costs, the platform also monitors everything that’s done. 

Best of all? They have a click-to-call widget letting sales reps call straight from a target company’s website, with just a single click.


1. ClickUp

ClickUp is the ultimate organization tool for a busy SDR. The cloud-based collaboration and project management tool is simple to use and customizable.

Struggling to close the gap between marketing and prospecting teams? On ClickUp, teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate. Users can assign comments and tasks to specific team members and the real-team activity stream displays tasks as they’re created and completed. Teams can also configure notifications and mentions – think content updates and inbound campaign news. 


1. Calendly

Calendly is a powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool that takes the work out of connecting with others. The result? SDRs spend less time on scheduling tasks and more time booking quality meetings. Plus, it offers extra flexibility and a more seamless booking experience for prospects.

 Eoin McCall, SDR at Bloobirds: “Great for finding the slot that works best for you both, especially if your prospect is slow to respond or in a different time zone.” 


1. G2 Stack

G2 Stack maintains the ultimate database of software products and the companies that use them. Why does that matter? Reps can see what software their target companies are using and customize conversations. 

Used by sales leaders, reps, marketers, and investors alike, G2 Stack helps you to understand software adoption trends. The data is collected through both automated and crowdsourced methods – meaning it’s more likely to be correct.

 Eoin McCall, SDR at Bloobirds: “As an SDR in the tech industry, G2 always comes in clutch. It helps you to have more informed conversations around your prospects’ tech stack, and more importantly, avoid embarrassing yourself by getting things wrong.”

Online Training

1. Predictable Revenue

When it comes to SDR training, the numbers don’t lie. Through our coaching and consulting services and our outsourced sales development representatives, we have booked over 10,000 meetings and have built the sales development function for over 55 companies. Need help building your sales playbook and strategies to succeed in outbound sales? Book a free discovery call!

2. Sales Playbook

Three words: growing faster profitably. This Sales Acceleration Enablement company provides startups with a solution to hit Product-Market-Fit faster, with fewer bumps in the road. 

But how is Sales Playbook different from traditional sales trainers? The platform provides valuable entrepreneurial and sales support. Including a self-learning platform, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching with sales masterminds, it’s got everything you need to scale up, in one place. 

The perfect SDR tech stack is a great start

But it’s not all you need! Even with the best software for your SDRs, without an ongoing training plan and well-developed sales playbook, all could be lost.

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