Top 10 Strategies to Automate Your B2B Lead Generation


Author: Kseniia Burko

There is an elephant in the room that we need to discuss. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend looking for high-quality leads ready to buy your B2B products and services? We bet that the answer is A LOT. 

The best way to save your resources is… Automation! By automating lead generation processes you save both money and time, ensure a permanent source of leads, and get rid of unnecessary work to focus on priority tasks. 

Sounds nice? We at think so too. 🙂

Let’s consider the top 10 effective strategies that will help you to automate your B2B lead generation, increase sales, and get new loyal clients. Over and over again.

10 Win-Win Ways of Automating Your B2B Lead Generation

There are dozens of automation tactics for effective B2B lead generation. Some entrepreneurs decide to focus on inbound tactics, such as proper search engine optimization, blogging, or social media activity. In this case you’re generating the demand via digital activities and content creation and optimization. Others prefer outbound strategies which are when you’re the one who searches for and reaches out to the clients, initiating the dialog. 

But why not try out all of them and enable several autonomous sources of leads? 

First, to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, let’s discuss both inbound and outbound strategies for effective automated lead generation.

Increase Your B2B Sales: Inbound Tactics That Truly Works

The digital revolution changed the triggers forcing us to buy. A significant subset of customers make decisions even before communicating with the sales department. Any successful business has to keep in mind this new reality and convert traffic into loyal clients.

Here is how:

  • Do regular blogging

Being a basic element of any inbound marketing strategy, blogging helps ensure clients that you can heal their pain. High-quality posts can catch the attention of users, improve loyalty and present you as an expert, and make them interested in your services. 

Remember! Well-structured and useful blog posts can become a significant booster of your sales, but don’t expect instant results. In most cases, it takes at least several months of regularly publishing to start generating leads via blogging. So, keep calm and just start writing. 

Also, don’t forget that your content has to be both evergreen and useful. Bringing value via content – this is the key to successful blogging.

  • Create Video Content

Attract, engage, and delight. High-quality video content is able to make this motto come true. Unusual and dynamic video editing or a charismatic presenter make any type of content much more vivid.

What would you choose? Read a plain text or watch a 2-minutes video? We bet you’d choose the second option! 😉

You can create service demos, product reviews, or fuel your posts and email campaigns with fancy videos. Today it’s also possible to publish video podcasts or upload records of your webinars.

However, don’t forget about high-quality video optimization for mobile devices, including subtitles or vertical video content.

  • Optimize your content (yep, it’s all about SEO)

You will not get customers if they can’t find you, will you? And here Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO comes to help you out. Professional website content optimization will help you improve the search results, which every single company is dreaming about.

By website content we mean ALL the content, including the texts on the landing pages, blog, case studies, contact forms, if you wish, etc.

Professional SEO optimization will reduce advertising costs, boost traffic, and increase your sales. So, strive to get to the top-10 links on the Google page.

  • Practice Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Where do you spend most of your time? Right, on social media. And your customers are active there too! Why not pop in and build  a solid social media presence?

Don’t lose such an excellent way to reach your leads. Start building brand awareness and  attracting new clients to your website via cool content on your social media pages. 

Since we’re talking about B2B, your definite must-haves are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Most of the decision makers you’re interested in engaging are active there.

  • Think of a Growth-Driven Website Design (GDD)

Although growth-driven website design (GDD) is a must in 2021, some entrepreneurs still don’t pay attention to it. Well, many haven’t even heard the definition! 🙂 Let us explain. 

GDD It’s a combination of data-driven planning and permanent development of your website. In simple terms, you don’t need to wait several years to conduct a major redesign of your obsolete website. GDD is tightly bound with regular small improvements of your website based on the behavior of clients and real user data. 

GDD implementation means keeping up with the times, improving user experience, and, consequently, bursting visit-to-lead conversions. Thus, GDD has to be a significant part of any inbound B2B lead generation strategy.

Effective Outbound B2B Lead Generation Tactics To Grow Your Pipeline

Unlike inbound, outbound B2B lead generation means that you search for and then contact your leads.

Obviously, this is a more complex strategy to go for, but if you prepare well, it will get much easier. Otherwise, any cold email, calls, or advertisement will be useless if you 1) don’t understand your target audiences and their needs,and 2) don’t know when to reach out.

Here are a few of the outbound tactics to automate your B2B lead generation successfully:

  • Know Your Lead

The initial stage of any outbound B2B lead generation is studying information about your prospect – a company. You need to define the industry, location, company owners, management, annual income, number of employees, a corporate culture, and many other parameters.

Conduct rigorous research and find out who your ideal customer is. As a result, it will be easier to build precise contact lists. Especially if you’re using the AI-driven tools.

  • Detect a Decision Maker

Knowing your B2B buyer persona is only half the way. Despite the fact you’re targeting the companies, these will be particular people you’ll address your offer to – decision makers. Take into account that it’s not necessarily a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – and this is the other challenge you have to go through.

For example, the Head of Legal Department may make the final decision regarding training external legal advisors, while the Marketing Director manages the advertising budget and will be of interest in corresponding services and products.

Make sure you’re reaching out to the right person!

  • Monitor Your Leads

If you had a look at your leads once, you should then track them constantly. Why? You have to make sure your offer is 1) relevant and up-to-date, 2) tailored to your leads’ needs.

Again, using AI-driven tools you can monitor hundreds of thousands of potential clients and stay informed of the triggers – important events signaling your prospects may be interested in you in this very moment. For example, these might be new vacancies posted, financial breaking news like funding raised, new projects launched, new partners, etc.

Such triggers help you to contact your leads at the right time. If you do it constantly, you’ll see how the number of leads evolve.

  • Personalize Your Offers & Emails

We all like to feel special. Please your prospects and personalize your messages so that they clearly understand: you’re addressing your offers to them, not anyone else. 

Hyper-relevant and highly personalized content will trigger your leads’ needs, and you’ll discover a new source of warm and friendly leads who will want to continue your dialog.

However, don’t go too far. Otherwise, your message will look creepy. You’re not a spy, are you? You’re just very attentive. 😉

  • Use CRM

Once you decide to automate lead generation, you have to track your processes and their performance. The best way to do that is to use CRM. With that, it will be much easier to track the customer journey and monitor the outcomes of your teams’ activities.

What Strategy Should You Go For?

All the above-mentioned inbound and outbound automation strategies can lead to a burst of new potential clients. 

Of course, these methods won’t bring you dozens of high-quality leads in a second. The outcome depends on multiple variables, including your services and target audiences, the quality of your content, the way you defined your ICP, and many other conditions. 

If you take the automation of B2B lead generation seriously, you’ll be highly likely to make your sales surge. 

Consider all the above-mentioned options to get new leads and choose the most effective tool, or just combine all of them. Good luck! is a US-based company that develops AI-powered lead generation solutions for companies that strive to get hyper-targeted leads, take full advantage of real-time sales, and multiply revenue. experts also provide consultation services on sales outreach and help businesses boost their sales with a small budget.

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