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How Can Sales Coaching Improve Business Results?

Dec 13, 2021
Author: collin stewart
Thomas Glare

Your sales team is the backbone of your business. I can imagine that you’d like to increase their sales revenue consistently month by month. With  sales coaching you can tangibly improve your sales team’s output with focused goals you’d like to achieve. At Predictable Revenue, we believe it’s one of the most valuable investments you can make in your business.

Many companies invest substantially in sales training. Yet, over time employees don’t always retain what they have learned, and unproductive sales habits might become standard practice. Sales coaching is focused training that maximizes your team’s potential. What if each member of your sales team improved by just 5% after receiving some coaching? It can help you unlock a substantial amount of revenue.

Sales coaching is designed to get the best out of your employees. It does this by building on their skills and helping them to unlearn behaviors that may be hindering their ability to meet their targets. Asking for help, from trained experts, will also allow you to gain a new perspective on your business.

Think of sales training as a way to teach your team the overall skills and knowledge they’ll need to be successful. Then think of sales coaching as focused training to solve specific problems identified within your organization. 

How Does A Sales Development Coach Help Your Business?

You may be wondering, what exactly is the role of a sales development coach? What do they do? Sales development coaches can examine your business as a whole and identify any areas that may be hindering your sales team’s productivity. Or you can approach a sales coach with specific problems, set goals to improve upon and then focus on specific steps to improve your sales teams’ performance.  

Coach Your Sales Team On Best Practices

Some members of your sales team may not have had any additional sales training since they began their role. Sales practices are constantly evolving, so your team may not be up to date with what is currently best practice. Sales development coaches keep on top of the latest development in the world of sales and are trained to bring your team up to standard.

Empower Your Team

Most sales managers can attest that it feels like they spend half their time propping up the sales team. Sales managers must often handle a substantial number of direct reports each day. This takes away from time that could be spent developing sales strategies. With the right sales coaching, your team can be given the tools they need to operate independently. This will allow them to avoid relying on sales management as their go-to problem solver.

How Can Sales Coaching Improve Business Results?

Improve Employee Retention Rates

SDR turnover can often be high. This is a challenge many businesses face. Some reps are chasing higher salaries, promotions or suffering from burnout. Others are seeking further professional development, which a sales coach can help with. When you provide this type of opportunity for your employees to grow with your business, they are more likely to stick with your company. It also enables your salespeople to achieve their targets more efficiently, and can mitigate the risk of burnout.

 What Can Predictable Revenue Do for You?

At Predictable Revenue, we have developed coaching serviceswith a proven track record in increasing sales and revenue for your business. Our methodology is two-fold – one-part high-level strategy and one-part tactical.

We identify learning objectives for your team and then put in place practical steps your business can take to increase sales target achievement.

Here are several ways we work with you and your business to generate predictable and quantifiable returns.

Develop An Internal Sales Development Function

We help you to establish an internal outbound sales development function that will maximize potential revenue for your business. When all the cogs are turning smoothly in your business, you will see higher productivity.

We believe that specializing your sales team into four core roles (Prospectors, Inbound Lead Qualifiers, Closing and Account Management/Customer Success) will simplify jobs and improve team cohesion. We can teach you how to establish these roles effectively.

Help You To Hire The Right People

Hiring the right employees is crucial for a successful business. Poor hiring processes can cause you to waste time and money. If you are unsure how to identify the right people for your sales team, then we can coach you up on the best ways to find the right people. We follow the WHO method, which is a straightforward 4-step process with an impressive 90% success rate.

Get The Right Tech Stack In Place

Modern tools are available to automate processes, save you time, and allow your business to run more smoothly. We can help you get the right sales tech enablement stack in place so that you can free up more time for planning and strategizing.

 Reporting, Metrics & Targeting

Data speaks volumes, but understanding that data can be overwhelming. We help you break it down and use it to develop attainable goals and targets for your team. We will compare performance across multiple sales metrics or KPIs, to create a data-driven work environment. By looking at metrics, we can also identify any factors that may be contributing to missed targets. The small details can reveal the bigger picture and we can help you put in place strategies to correct any issues we find.

Compensation Plans

Compensation plans play a key role in employee retention. The right plan will encourage positive behavior and set expectations. However, it can be tricky to devise one that works.  We can guide you on how to create a plan, which will motivate your team and attract the right kind of talent to your company.

Build Outreach Sequences

Outreach sequences will guide your SDRs on a step-by-step process to build a reliable sales pipeline. We work with you to build suitable sequences for your business based on buyer personas. Sequence writing facilitates the best process for outreach, documenting the process for best practices across your sales team and in turn  increases overall productivity.

Maximize Results With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely useful resource but many businesses don’t quite know how to maximize its potential. By utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a successful social selling program for your business. This can take the pain out of the cold approach and create more opportunities for “warm introductions”.

Systematic Testing

We examine sales channels, create testing hypotheses and test sales methods systematically. We can help you to design appropriate cold calling and email templates. We can then test sequences  to understand whether they are working for your business or not. This cuts down on time and money wasted on channels that are not helping you to grow your business.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, book a call today with Predictable Revenue to learn more. Our team of friendly experts is at your disposal to discuss the best coaching package for your business.

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