The following is an excerpt from The Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales:

what happens after you click <send>?

 sendThe apps you buy should help you and your team see more clearly through clutter, not add to it. eMail add-ons help salespeople do two critical things:

1.) Monitor Email Effectiveness by tracking open rates (to identify subject lines that work) and reply rates (to identify email body content works)

2.) More Conversations: Reps who called a prospect after the prospect opened an email, clicked a link, or opened an attachment connected with that prospect 34% of the time. Acquia improved reps’ call connection rate by 29% with Yesware’s insights.

These apps helps identify actionable insights into how your prospects and customers are reacting to your messages.

5 Email Tips

•  Increase your chance of opening by sending to 2+ ppl: “Is there someone you want me to copy on this?”
•  Send emails on Friday afternoon: weekend open rates are highest
•  Don’t wait days for a reply – after 24 hours, your email is all but done
•  Only 12% of emails get forwarded; knowing which do helps in targeting efforts
•  Email reading happens 24x7 – schedule your sends for very early in the morning

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