This week, Aaron Ross and Collin Stewart talk with Matt Amundson, VP of Sales Development and Field Marketing at Everstring, an innovative Bay Area company strengthening marketing and sales teams through an AI- and machine learning-focused platform.

Matt’s an award-winning sales leader, with previous management posts at high-profile organizations like TIBCO Software and Marketo. He’s also a recovering inbound lead addict…and a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur.

In this episode, Aaron, Collin and Matt chat about understanding the Millennial brain, cultivating creativity, the growing importance of social selling, breaking away from high-velocity prospecting and the renaissance of account-based sales. Highlights include: managing young reps and getting over “phone fear” ([6:00]), embracing social selling ([15:27]), inspiring thoughtful SDRs and focusing on account-based sales ([17:45]), drafting persona-based cadences ([28:00]), hiring the best candidates ([43:25]), building an SDR team from the ground up ([48:13]).