Diagnosing bottlenecks and finding hidden revenue in your demand gen pipeline with Johann Nogueira

Collin Stewart, CEO

November 21st, 2019

Even the best sales and marketing processes can be refined. Sure, those fine-tuned processes bring results month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and year-after year.

But even the most successful sales and marketing leaders out there – some even guests of our podcast – know there’s more money to be found. There’s more campaigns to be designed and run. And, yes, there are more leads to be worked. 

That’s where Johann Nogueira, Melbourne-based serial entrepreneur, comes in.

“We talked to companies that have been around for 15 or 20 years and they don’t have the right foundations. We recently acquired an $88 million company, they want to be at $200 million. At the end of our initial meeting with that company, we sold them our $300,000 strategy. They called us right after our meeting and said they had put $2 million aside to work with us. They are an old company, and they need to innovate,” says Nogueira, on a recent edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast.

“It doesn’t matter the size, all companies have broken things about them. All companies need help. We have clients all over the world that we’re working with to help refine and increase their revenue.”

The Business Authorities Formula

What are the right foundations? What are the fundamental steps a company should follow to increase revenue? According to Nogueira, the Business Authorities Formula is a great place to start. 

The formula goes as such: 

Step 1: Expand your mind – (set a revenue goal, and make every decision that follows serve the north star).

Step 2: Establish your mission – (define your ideal customers and focus on them. Too often companies, even successful ones, think they serve more markets / verticals than they actually do).

Step 3: Build your brand – (build a brand that attracts the right clients and, then, build every piece of your marketing function to support that brand).

Step 4: Create your presence – (make sure your presence is distinguishable everywhere it needs to be; online, offline, wherever. And make sure that when people interact with that presence they understand what they are going to get from you).

Step 5: Leverage technology – (use the most effective technology to connect with your market. For example, if your customers like video when being prospected to, then use video) .

Step 6: Compound your sales – (refine your pitch, design effective decks, and make sure you secure repeat business).

Step 7: Scale your business – (ensure new team members are brought on and trained so they can successfully repeat the work you’ve built).

Step 8: Amplify your tribe – (engage in successful / focused PR campaigns, and when onboarding new clients turn them into advocates of your brand).

Step 9: Dominate your industry – (where possible, make strategic partnerships with complementary companies. And, of course, understand and be able to differentiate yourself from the competition).

Step 10: Build your empire – (once seated firmly on top of the mountain, begin engaging in philanthropic causes. Start doing good in the world…leave a legacy for your children, and your children’s children).

The atomic marketing framework 

Of course, the atoms, the very building blocks of your marketing strategy also needs a logical, efficient process to follow. Nogueira, in addition to the Business Authorities Formula above, has designed a cutting edge marketing process to ensure you meet your goals.

His atomic marketing framework is as follows:

Step 1 – know your ideal client, and sell to them. Don’t waste your time on markets / verticals that don’t buy.

Step 2 – attract those ideal clients via the channels they use (Facebook, TV ads, print ads etc.)

Step 3 – add value by designing a lead magnet that they want to consume (videos, e-books etc.) 

Step 4 – put those leads in your CRM (Salesforce etc.) Put them in a short term nurture drip that adds more value.

Step 5 – put them in a short term nurture drip that adds more value and, of course, gets them to like you.

Step 6 – once they’ve run through a short term nurture drip, move them into a long term nurture drip that keeps you top of mind. But, make sure that long term nurture drip isn’t focused on selling; all you want to do is stay top of mind.

Step 7 – refine your value proposition. Make them an offer, and make it irresistible.

Step 8 – onboard them…and make sure your wow them in the process.

Step 9 – ask for referrals (this should be embedded throughout your sales process).

Step 10 –  finally, upsell. People have more than one problem, so solve their first one, and then solve the 100 more they have!

(Editor’s note: we had Bowery Capital’s Andrew Oddo on the podcast a while back to chat about how to build and evolve your first sales playbook. You can read about our discussion here, or listen to the whole in-depth interview here)

The customer audit

You might be asking yourself…how does Nogueira use these processes in his businesses? 

Well, it all starts with an introductory call. A potential customer comes in via their inbound funnel or outbound activities, and is run through a call to make sure the rep understands their business and has the chance to share some case studies and other marketing collateral. 

From there, the customer takes part in a 4-hour workshop so a rep from Nogueira’s company dive deep into their business and understand every angle of it. That workshop costs customers $5,000, but results in a detailed report that outlines a 12-month long marketing / sales strategy for the customer.

Every lead that wishes to be a customer of Nogueira’s has to take part in the workshop, although they can, however, choose to use execute that tactics outlined in the report with another firm. But, according to Nogueira, that rarely happens: more than 80% of the companies that do the workshop end up becoming official customers.

“We have a war chest of campaign ideas. A war chest. We show them we can give them that infrastructure in their business,” says Nogueira.

“And the do it with us because we’re the experts.

For more on Nogueira’s thoughts on sales and marketing processes, check out the rest of his interview on The Predictable Revenue Podcast.

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