On this edition of the Predictable Revenue podcast, hosts Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross welcome Ryan Wong, Sales Manager at Base CRM – a growing sales and data platform based in Mountain View, California with some ambitious near-term sales goals.

Ryan is an emerging sales leader in the Bay Area, having held leadership positions at previous companies before joining Base nearly two years ago. He was also once a ticket sales manager for the Portland Trail Blazers #ballislife.

In this episode, Collin, Aaron and Ryan discuss using LinkedIn to find new talent and why Ryan loves posting about the people he hires. Highlights include: how to use LinkedIn filters to look for the right candidate ([6:25]), Ryan’s template for potential hires ([9:05]), writing about Base’s new members ([17:57]), and why you should treat your LinkedIn profile as a landing page ([24:32]).

Read the full interview here: Prospecting for Prospectors: How Base’s Ryan Wong Uses LinkedIn to Discover SDR Talent