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Curriculum 1

Triple Your Pipeline

Leadgen Drives Growth

The most important thing, the thing that determines how fast you grow (or don’t), is having predictable ways to generate qualified leads. It doesn’t matter how incredible your sales process is, if you don’t have leads…

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Curriculum 2

Specialize Your Sales Roles

Your Must Focus Your People

As business has speeded up over the past decades, it’s become harder and harder for people to focus. When you specialize your sales roles (or any other roles), you help your people focus, they can become masters and drastically improve their results and job enjoyment…

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Curriculum 3

Energize Your People

They Can Be Excited To Work

To get the most from your people, they must want to work, they need to enjoy their work. “Cracking the whip” isn’t scalable. Your people can enjoy working there, they can look forward to coming into work, whether they’re salespeople, executives or customer support…

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Curriculum 4

Unique Genius Sales

Selling Is A Necessary Life Skill

Is selling a necessary evil to you? Do you think to be great at selling either new ideas or products) you need to be aggressive, fake, or self-centered? Perhaps you even hate (or think you’d hate) selling…

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Curriculum 5

Your First Million

Avoid My Mistakes

If you’re a startup working on getting your very first sales or your first million in sales, this guide is for you. It’s one thing to grow revenue if you already have something…

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