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The keys to the kingdom: why GrowthX’s Sean Sheppard preaches listening, authenticity and research as the pillars of successful selling

Current sales culture, for the most part, is entirely concerned with the close.

It’s an understandable focal point, of course. Closing a customer means more revenue for the company, and more revenue for the company means growth. Oh, and closing a customer also means a commission cheque to the sales person responsible. And sales people like commission cheques.

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Acquia’s Mike Stankus on picking up the phone, learning to talk to executives and ensuring BDRs get ‘results in the business world’

New sales methodologies, email templates and professional studies on when to call prospects – each year comes with new tips and trick to experiment with. But, according to Mike Stankus, Acquia’s Senior Vice president of Special Projects, nothing replaces picking up the phone and having a real conversation with a prospect.

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Sales Forecasting 101: A Conversation With FullContact’s Mike Brouwer

As a sales leader, missing your forecast can be a bitter pill to swallow. No one, regardless of their particular situation or context, really enjoys being proven wrong. And when your miss has serious financial consequences for the rest of the organization, the results can be catastrophic. That’s the situation Mike Brouwer, VP of Sales at Denver’s FullContact, found himself in a few years ago.

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