4 Signs You Should Make Outbound Your Top Priority

Inbound and outbound – two great tastes that taste great together 

Inbound gets you (hopefully) lots of leads, and some will be wonderful… but many inbound leads are too low on the totem pole – they have no influence. With outbound, you can go talk to whomever you want to talk to.

If you want to go big with outbound sales, it works especially well if…

1.) You have a product to sell (not services) that’s expensive enough.  Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.42.27 PM

At least $10k in lifetime value (and $20k+ is better).  Yes, Outbound can work with smaller deals, but not profitably.

2.) Your value proposition is very easy for a prospect to understand and say “yes/no” to: “We help train & certify your people in ___ over the web, rather than in person – can you do that today?”  If your proposition or messaging is too jargony or not relevant and confuses prospects, you’re in trouble.  (This is also a key reason marketing  professional services is harder.)

3.) You’re different: You can’t have 100 competitors selling similar stuff and expect to have easy success with outbound.  There’s too much noise (i.e. confusion), and prospects can’t easily tell why you’re better than other options.

4.) You’re not trying to replace other people’s stuff: If you’re trying to call in and compete with Dropbox, to getting a company to rip them out and replace it with your service, is HARD.  You have to have a damn good reason for them to do it; a reason that you’re 10x better.  Or find a niche where you’re new that they haven’t penetrated yet.


It’s MUCH easier to look for opportunities where the buyer doesn’t need to replace or trash an entrenched system that works “well enough”.  Whether you call this white space, green fields, blue oceans or magenta flowers, look for that kind of market or way to position yourself.


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