Sales Development Outsourcing

sales development outsourcing

We build teams that book meetings and create pipeline. Whether you are building a new SDR team or need to raise the output of an existing team, there’s someone here who can help. 


SDR Teams Built


Revenue Created

Brian Neman

Brian Neman

Founder & CEO of Sanguine, Inc

“We needed a machine that could turn over quality meetings to us. That's what Predictable Revenue built.”

Our Proven Process



Our first step is to map your Total Addressable Market using our multi-step enrichment process. This gives us the scope of accounts and contacts and surfaces any signals that might indicate an account is more likely to be in market. We then leverage GPT-4/ChatGPT to infer, at scale, why each signal means your offering is relevant now. 



It involves mapping out the top combinations of inference, targeting, and messaging into plays that we can run for each one. We operate on 2 week iteration cycles and work with you to determine which combinations to test first. Then we let the data tell us where to go next.



The Scale phase begins once we are consistently producing meetings for your AE team every month. This is where we start to look at the effectiveness of your total revenue system (including our four core processes – Meet, Disco, Manage, Nurture). See our methodology page for more info. 



Once we are consistently seeing meetings progress into late stage pipeline (or even closed-won revenue) we turn our attention to the many little optimizations that can drive up the overall effectiveness of an SDR program (nurture processes, account rules of engagement, follow up for other demand gen sources, etc…).  

Trusted by the top revenue teams.

Every SDR comes with the support they need to create pipeline.

When it comes to booking meetings that turn into pipeline, Targeting > Messaging.

We leverage AI, scraping, and our data providers to create plays, prioritize accounts, and create snippets that can be used to personalize our outreach. 


We’ll create the strategy, target account list, and tactics to consistently book meetings with new accounts.

Inference Based Targeting

Our multi-step enrichment process leverages AI to convert signals into inferences about why your offer is relevant now.

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SDR Management

Our reps are supported by a dedicated manager (1:1s, call review, etc…) and our internal coaching program.

Sales Stack

Reps are powered by a Sales Engagement Tool, Parallel Dialer, and our multi-step data enrichment process.

Our services

Scaled SDR

For companies selling to SMB or Mid-Market accounts and are looking for the lowest cost to acquire a customer. These reps are powered by tech that enables them to support two clients while maintaining full-time quotas.

Dedicated SDR

For companies selling large deals to Enterprise accounts and are looking for the highest possible account penetration rate. The reps are ideal for running an account based or highly personalized sales development process.


For companies with existing AEs that need support prospecting. We’ll super charge your reps with our AI inferenced prospecting plays from their inbox. Leverage our tools, team and playbook to power your internal team.

Are you ready to accelerate your revenue growth?

We can help you build or augment your dream sales team with proven outbound strategies and data to fuel your pipeline so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.

I need more pipeline, can you help?

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