306: The Art of Global Hiring with Amir Reiter

306: The Art of Global Hiring with Amir Reiter - Predictable Revenue

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, hiring remotely and globally has gained significant traction. The traditional model of recruiting and maintaining an exclusively local workforce is being redefined, thanks to technological advancements and the realization of the numerous benefits of a global talent pool.

To shed light on this topic and provide valuable insights, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Amir Reiter, the founder and CEO of the CloudTask marketplace. With his wealth of experience building and managing remote teams, Amir shares his journey as an American living in Colombia and delves into his interest in hiring globally.

Highlights include: Surprising Facts about Hiring Remotely and Amir’s Journey (2:15), Things to consider when Hiring Remotely (10:00), Downsides and Pitfalls to look out for When Hiring Remotely (22:30), Amir and Collin’s First Remote Hires (30:40), And more.

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