327: Measuring Your GTM Efficiency with Kathy Doucette

327: Measuring Your GTM Efficiency with Kathy Doucette

In the latest Predictable Revenue Podcast, Collin Stewart welcomed Kathy Doucette, the COO and CFO of Proposify, for an insightful discussion. Kathy is recognized for her optimistic and innovative financial mindset and for exploring the crucial links between finance, operations, and go-to-market strategies.

This conversation illuminates how strategic alignment in these areas can significantly influence business success. Here, we explore the critical insights from this conversation, presenting actionable strategies for businesses aiming to streamline their strategic approach.

Highlights include: Good Signs You Have a Good GTM Model (4:31), What About Timing? (8:14), Let’s Talk Math! What Numbers to Monitor For New Channels? (13:33), How Much Time Should You Give a New Channel? (16:06), and more…

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