318: Scaling the Unscalable with John Eitel

318: Scaling the Unscalable with John Eitel - Predictable Revenue

Breaking into a new market is no small feat. It’s a labyrinth of challenges, uncertainties, and endless decision-making. But as with any maze, there’s always a path to the center if you navigate it.

In this podcast episode, we had the privilege of navigating this complex terrain with John Eitel, former Head of Sales at Canva. This company grew exponentially from 500 to 4,000 employees in just a few short years.

Highlights include: The Journey to a New Market (1:30), Local Knowledge: A Must When Opening a New Market (6:07), Selling to American Companies vs. European Companies (8:51), What was the Initial Sales/Marketing/PLG Mix for Canva (13:57), and more…

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