286: Michael Tuso’s Guide for SDR Follow-up Emails

286: Michael Tuso's Guide for SDR Follow-up Emails - Predictable Revenue

Michael Tuso joins Collin Stewart on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss what great SDR follow-up looks like.

Michael is the Founder and CEO of Callypso, a revenue expansion and retention software for account managers.

Highlights include: what’s wrong with traditional cold emails and how to craft an email that stands out (5:45), the basics of a good follow-up process (8:22), why detailed notetaking is crucial to follow-up (15:14), why you shouldn’t always attach an ask to your follow-up (19:15), the importance of qualification and different types of follow-up (34:38), tips for multi-threaded follow-up (35:45), how SDRs can take advantage of multichannel prospecting (45:37), an underrated tip for booking more calls (55:42), the importance of callbacks throughout the follow-up process (1:05:32), and how to take advantage of closed lost opportunities (1:06:40).

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