Spiff specialist Zach Barney joins hosts Aaron Ross and Collin Stewart on this edition of the Predictable Revenue podcast. Zach is the Director of Sales Development at Teem, a rapidly growing cloud-based solution for booking meetings and managing workspaces based in Salt Lake City.

When not leading his team, Zach’s helping raise his 4 kids, runs races and helping triathletes secure sponsorships. He also hosts his local Sales Hacker community. Zach’s a busy guy.

In this episode, Zach and Collin dissect the always entertaining world of spiffs – what works, what doesn’t and how to keep it fresh. Highlights include: why cash spiffs don’t work ([11:43]), coming up with new ideas ([13:59]), compensating SDRs properly ([16:23]), the importance of getting on the phone ([23:28]) and establishing buyer personas ([27:04]).  

Read the full interview here: More cash doesn’t always = more calls